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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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So-called revenge porn is all the rage these days, so what that seems to mean is that many sites try to emulate that experience whether it's the genuine article or not. There's no pretense that any jilted exes are being vengeful on Gay Hot, but they do claim that users have submitted it all. Although, there's no option to make a submission, so I think it's just nonexclusive gay amateur porn from various sources.

As far as designs go, it doesn't get much simpler than what you see on GayHot, because you just end up with page after page of thumbnails to check out. Unfortunately, you can only move forward or back by one page at a time and even if there are 30 (or 60 if you select that as an option) flicks on each one of them that doesn't make the chore of clicking all the way to the end any easier.

You see, there are 1,211 videos, so that translates to a bit of click fatigue in my opinion and with over 60 updates in the last month alone, that doesn't bode well for making the task any less daunting. Even though these flicks are amateur and often look self-shot with all kinds of makeshift setups, they deliver good-quality playback. Some look better than others on screen, though. You can save your favorites at least.

It's not surprising the vids don't come with any pics given how homemade they appear, but it might be surprising that there aren't any photos at all. It's not that much of a loss, because sites like this one tend to only have blurry selfies on offer. The preview thumbnails are a decent size, so they give you enough of any idea of what to expect and they often freeze frame on the money shot.

There's quite a mix of hunks spewing spunk in this collection, because you've got twinks, jocks and mature dudes. I like that there are loads of average guys in the bunch and quite a few hairy chests, although lots of guys have smooth bods, not to mention shaved cocks and balls. But there's not just masturbation or even merely handjobs and blowjobs, because you'll see hardcore gay sex, including mostly bareback penetration and many a creampie.

The fun doesn't end there though, because you get three bonus sites, including Strong Men and Stud Port. The third is a new addition like this site and it's called Ebony Men XXX. I'm not sure these bonuses are growing at the same rate as this collection. At any rate, they add value, but even without them Gay Hot seems worth joining for the real amateur feel of its content.

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