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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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One of my coworkers is notorious for making bad puns, so I promise not to end this review with a statement like "Adaire you to not check out Rope Babe" or something like that, just because Adaire is the name of the sexy blonde amateur who stars on the site. Although, it is tempting not to dare you to take a look given how fun her bondage scenes can be.

RopeBabe is the official site of Adaire who takes her career advice from photographer and producer Max Kink who is also her Dom in real life. Let's all give a quick thanks to him, because it's easy to love every scene if you're a fan of BDSM porn with an amateur vibe.

I saw videos of Adaire being hogtied, getting caned, having a cock shoved down her throat while her hands were bound, foot worship, tickling and some scenes have lesbian action. There's nipple clamping and orgasm control too, with the latter showing Magic Wand vibrators shoved all the way inside a chick's pussy while going full speed.

You'll find 44 movies and 35 photo sets. Most of the scenes are in full-length files, but some are broken up into two or three parts. Every video is available in an HDWindows Media file. You can only view the pics in a Zip file, but they're all high-res and very large.

Extras include an erotic story and access to her blog, which is good for reading about what goes on behind the scenes and what you can expect to see in the near future. The main content isn't dated, so I can't say for sure how often updates occur, but one of the blog posts (and its date) suggests that the eight most recent movies were added within the last 30 days.

The design is a bit outdated and has animated GIFs to help you preview each video. There's also a write-up describing the action. Navigating the site is simple enough, though, with pagination and text links at both the top and bottom of the page.

One scene that I really enjoyed had Adaire angry that some woman was spreading lies about her. They get into a fist fight and then Adaire ties her up and attaches nipple clamps to the liar. The Femdom scenes continues with facesitting, name calling and then the two make up by having Adaire lick the babe until she cums.

I don't doubt that you'll love this babe and her content, but I don't dare you to join her site, either. (See? I promised I wouldn't make the pun!) Give Rope Babe a look if you like amateur BDSM.

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  • Comment by: Max Kink

    Score: 80% Date: 05/20/2013

    Thank you Adam and to Rabbit's for taking the time to the review Adaire's site, Having just read the review I would like to make an immediate comment regarding the amount of content available to view as a member or a non-member using the pay-per-view download feature. As of your stated review date of 5/18/13 we had 48 scenes and 35 photo sets available to view, Not 27 as you reported. As of today, 5/20/13 we have added one more video and photo set for a total of 49 and 36 respectively. That's almost twice the number of 27 that you reported to your readers. Perhaps you didn't see the page number and page controls at the bottom of the video and photo updates page, as there are 25 clips listed per page, perhaps you missed page 2 entirely? Because you advised your readers to give some time to grow due to the amount of content available I wanted to bring this to you and your readers immediate attention that we do have allot more content available for you to enjoy. In general we add 1-2 clips per week. Also you noted that you only saw screen caps of certain picture sets, those screen caps are for the video preview, in the case that we don’t provide a 10 second video preview, in those situations you’ll see below the screen caps on the same page large thumbnails previews of the accompanying photos for that video, which are shot independently in 3600X2800 resolution and not taken as screen caps off of the 1920X1080 video. Thanks again for all the kind comments and we look forward to your response and amended review.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:05/21/2013): Hi, Max. I sent you an email. We'll look over the review and make correction. where appropriate.