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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I've seen a few sites featuring alterna-babes with piercings and tattoos, but I've always had the impression they were targeted towards voyeuristic dirty old men dreaming of corruption by delinquent gals. Erotic BPM finally seems hip enough for the real emo crowd.

Beyond hitting at the hardened hearts of true-blue bad guys rather than merely fulfilling the mid-life crisis fantasies, it reaches an even more elusive group, one that provides much fodder to male fantasy. Bisexual females don't only star in much of the content, but seem to be successfully seduced by EroticBPM. One needs simply to visit its forums to see how well it serves that subset.

Under the Erotica heading, you'll find images divided into categories by niche. These areas combined contain over 120 individuals and couples. Each has from two to seven sets of large to high-resolution photos averaging out to 50 shots per session. Roughly, there are a minimum of 300 galleries. The vast majority is exclusive material.

For even more photos, follow links labeled elbows, art and party pics that take you to the forums where you'll find subscriber-submitted content representing exactly what the names proclaim. Elbows are in fact erotic at least to this alternative crowd. There are some pictures coming from other sites in lower-resolutions, but overall the quality of photos qualifies as high.

The video section unfortunately doesn't fare so well in my estimation. There are 12 videos. Most are single clips, while a couple contains a small series. Only one is hardcore male on female action without a climax, while the majority is solo or lesbian scenes.

My big complaint is that they are streaming Flash format, which is so poor in quality in some cases it's like trying to watch a webcam over a 56k modem. Jerky and blurry movement detracts too much from the action, making it almost uncomfortable to see rather than pleasurable to enjoy.

Other areas to explore include the active and large forums under "community," some musical performances by DJs under Audio, some models write in the journal section and currently the Cams section is under reconstruction but offers temporarily a third party provider.

The emphasis on Erotic BPM is on community and real-life interaction not just poorly paid pornstars performing as so-called amateurs. It succeeds in being truly cool. When I saw the price, despite the poor videos, any doubt turned to disbelief at such a great bargain since it costs less than a third of what one pays for a more traditional porn site. It's worth more than it charges for sure.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Melvin

    Score: 100% Date: 07/20/2012

    Oh jake, time to change your mads. La Plante used to help the owner of eroticbpm (aka Scot Owens) Sell E back in the late 90's so Scott could fund his first website He was one of the websites first members on that site and eroticbpm. Not to mention he shot the jaded kitty kimiko set that Scot paid for but never published because La Plante found out Owens had written that libel story for trying to claim the owner of was making child porn. La Plante's member name on eroticbpm was 'fulcrum9' and the profile is STILL on the website's member list with most of his posts. So tell us another story.

  • Comment by: Jake

    Score: 97% Date: 07/22/2010

    Mike is the joke here. Mike (aka Fulcrum9, aka collitisscope, aka J. La Plante) is a delusional guy that makes up stories to get revenge for imagined insults. He has never been a member of the site (so he's never even seen the content) and has no involvement in the altporn community whatsoever.

    Cons: If you only like hardcore boy-girl content then this site is not for you (though there is some of that).

    Pros: Great photography, hot models, fun friendly community where the models and members are very active in the forums and blogs (you can find tons of additional pictures of the models in the free forums, too). Starting to add more videos to the site, and 3 webcam chats with multiple models every week that are free to all paying members. And great price, too!

  • Comment by: Mike

    Score: 1% Date: 07/06/2010

    The site is a joke. The owner just tried to take out competition by helping write libel into a story for which they were more than happy to publish since they are on the same affiliate programs. Trying to say other alts were making child porn. Now eroticbpm actually thinks that making their first exclusive contract (after eleven years) is some kind of milestone. Which would be kind of true seeing as the owner has managed to piss off and screw over 99.9% of the models he has worked with. They are actually using red5 for streaming now. This site isn't even altporn. Just another cookie cutter concept ripped off from sites like blueblood.

  • Comment by: Marc

    Score: N/A Date: 12/07/2009

    I agree with the poster, this site is a complete rip off... cant download pics and is SLOW to even view..


  • Comment by: Cory

    Score: 20% Date: 05/20/2009

    Sites is a rip off its all done with flash viewer meaning you cant download vids are crap have the pic sets dont work and most very soft