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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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If you enjoy the Femdom niche, then you might be familiar with Mistress Annabelle. She's soft spoken, incredibly sexy and British and she'll do unspeakable things to her submissives. But they all seem to crave her attention, so don't feel too badly for them. The Equestrian Lady focuses more on equestrian-themed content.

What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that she makes you worship her riding boots and sexy jodhpurs, treats her male subs like show ponies and uses lots of gear that is usually employed in pony play, like saddles, riding crops, bridals and anal plugs that look like horse tails. A frequent setting is her stable and she sometimes rides her subs like horses.

It's very easy to get around the site, so don't expect any horseplay in that respect. There are clear sections and though some of her movies are divided into parts, finding them all is a cinch. There are 15 videos and 14 photo galleries, but she actually hasn't updated in a couple of weeks now.

What is here, however, doesn't skimp in quality. All the movies can be streamed and downloaded and you choose between a standard-definition and high-def MP4. Not all of the photos are high-res, but a good number are, so you can see her trying on buttery smooth leather gloves and putting her subs through their paces in clear detail.

I've reviewed a few of Dominatrix Annabelle's sites and I just can't get enough of her. Her moans are seductive, her tone is commanding yet breathy and her body is perfect. Let your eyes travel from the fringe of her dark bangs down her lovely face, over her amazingly full breasts and past her tiny waist and plump tush. Lovingly gaze past her shapely thighs and legs and down to her stiletto-clad feet.

Most of the videos star her with the perverted vicar, some stable hands or just a nameless slave, but sometimes Clarissa, her sister, is the star of the show. It would appear that Clarissa is Annabelle dressed in a cropped blonde wig, but they really do feel like two distinct women to me. Annabelle exudes a powerful, balanced elegance, where Clarissa seems saucier.

When you sign up, you can access all five of her sites, including Dominatrix Annabelle, The Randy Vicar and Tease Erotica. I would really recommend you spend some time on them because they offer the same kind of high-quality material. Apart from that, you can peruse her journal and check out a "wardrobe" page where she details some of the props she uses.

This site is a bit small and updating is sluggish, but the quality is high and the Femdom content is sensational. Annabelle is right up there on my list of favorite Dommes and I think she'll rate high with anyone who loves to feel intoxicated by a powerfully sexy woman.

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