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Updated on: 07/26/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1380
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Since we last visited SelfSuckingBFs...

  • We found two more videos, but it's now been close to eight months since the last update.
  • The Windows Media option is no longer offered. All the videos now only come in MP4s and most of them have lower bit rates than the WMVs.
  • There's no longer an advanced search engine, only a basic one along with filtering options that can be applied to search results or used to browse without doing a search first.

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My earliest realization that I was probably gay was when I started to have dreams that I could suck my own dick. It's a trick that I've only managed once in a wakened state, though. I almost gave myself a hernia being hunched over like that, the acid reflux it caused almost made me lose my lunch and I pulled so hard on my dick that it bruised. The studs on Self Sucking BFs make it much sexier.

I had read somewhere that you need to have a remarkably large cock to do it, but as you will see from SelfSuckingBFs, it's perhaps more a question of flexibility in some cases. Granted, the guys who do it without looking like human pretzels do tend to be rather hung. Truth be told, only about three guys come close (pardon the pun) as most simply jerk off into their own mouths.

Auto-fellatio isn't only a young man's game, but that's who you'll see trying this impressive feat to varying degrees. We're talking hot twinks, some with a bit of an edge from tattoos and piercings. You might catch sight of a hunk with a slightly furry chest and although I like them best, I like seeing all these hotties bent over double.

There are 54 videos and although some come in Full HD formats, most are good in quality. Every movie is supposed to come with a set of photos, but what you actually get are sets of vid caps instead. The images are crisp enough, but they don't look nearly as good as real photographs would. I also should mention that the interface includes lots of great features, but they did remove the advanced search engine.

Like I said, not all these studs put much effort into wrapping their lips around their own dick. Loads of scenes just show standard masturbation, but they aim their cocks so that they shoot into their faces, which they call "self-facials," appropriately enough. Some shoot right into their own mouths! You'll also see at least a couple of hardcore encounters.

Close to a dozen bonus sites are made available to members, including Real Gay Couples, Boy Feast and Tasty Twink. These sites definitely add some value, but they don't give you the same type of content. Nevertheless, now that it's been nearly eight months since this site has grown, the bonuses may eventually be your only source of new material.

In the end, I suppose that if someone was just looking for a site that shows hot guys masturbating, then he might be happy enough with what he finds here, even if there are bigger gay masturbation sites. However, Self Sucking BFs just doesn't deliver enough actual auto-fellatio scenes.

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