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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Some people are famous because they have a great singing voice or have discovered the cure to a horrible disease, but Alex from Extreme Alex is (and I am quoting from her sign-in page) "world famous for her elastic ass." That I had to see and if you're a fan of hardcore porn, so will you.

ExtremeAlex is a dirty chick and it's evident in the way she talks and what she does. If you're looking for soft, sweet lovemaking then get the fuck out because there is none of that here. This site is all about babes gagging on cocks, gaping assholes and just random hardcore.

To give you an example of the extremes Alex goes to, there is a scene she did with another chick in which she makes her friend gag on her strapon so hard that she literally pukes all over it. Now, to be honest, that is probably the most extreme thing on the site, while the rest is more just fucking, but it does give you insight into Alex and what she'll do (which is basically anything).

There are 71 episodes filled with her taking on chicks, guys and phallic objects in a way only she can. You can also enjoy the set of photos that accompany each video. Overall, these are some pretty good-looking, crisp images and you can save them all in a very tidy way by grabbing the Zip download.

Here's where things get a little messy. It seems that only a handful of the movies are downloadable when you first join. I counted eight that had a download link. The rest are streaming only and come with a note that they should be able to be saved in about 30 days. It looks like the downloadable ones come in a high-def Windows Mediafile.

As for the bonus sites, there are eight available, including Blowjob Races and Spit Swappers. Be sure to check out other "extreme" chick sites from the Extreme Girl Network, like Extreme Holly and Extreme Sophia. There are also links to a bunch of video feeds.

Extreme Alex puts on a great show for her fans, but it really stinks that you can't save all the movies right off the bat. Unfortunately, it also looks like Alex might be taking a break from the extreme, as it has been a few years since she added new content.

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  • Comment by: chiefwapupstick

    Score: 50% Date: 11/24/2012

    the good thing about this site if you can find it is the outlandishness of what these people will do with each other and common household objects.
    the bad is that most of that action was censored with fake promises of deleted scenes being restored when the censorship is lifted. grow a set and offer the scenes in a cd series - make some money on the upsell.
    some of the fake tits are bad and some of the action is forced (as in the players are just doing it because it is something "extreme" to do. there is a herky jerky style & speed to some of the scenes, but this isn't romance novel porn you're looking at here.
    i joined for awhile, but once i ran into censored scenes, i asked for and received a refund.
    so if you want extreme and multiple versions of it, you might try here. if you want full access to the whole site - save your money. if it isn't being updated with Alex, then it isn't worth the effort to go full on bizzaro.
    the idea is good and the people are decent, the end result needs a bit of tweaking and i think even some of the people involved realized that and moved on to something else.

  • Comment by:

    Score: 5% Date: 07/17/2009

    A Big Disappointment. First off, I was over-billed for the 2 (two) day trial. I contacted the billing company and they refunded me the amount over-billed.

    Secondly, the login page was not working. Apparently they use a CAPTCHA, and when that fails, you can't get in at all. I contacted customer service via email and received no response within the 2 (two) day trial period.

    The only reason I don't give them a Zero is because their billing support has been spot on. I contacted and requested a full refund, and I received one with no problems at all.

    There are obvious problems with this site, and no one seems to be fixing them.

  • Comment by: Markus

    Score: 15% Date: 01/09/2009

    Very disappointing. The navigation was terrible and the only reason i had for joining was a movie i saw on the preview, but i didn't even find it after hours of searching. The content was boring with small rays of hope, but the stupid comments from the boring fake titted girls ruined the somewhat promising clips. To top it off i accidently agreed to a months membership for alot of money, they just took the money, no questions asked, since they kept my credit card number, and all i had to do was press enter in a popup window i didn't read through. Stupid, i know, but non the less, beware.