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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Have you ever stood in an elevator with mirrored walls and noticed that your reflection seems to go on forever? Perhaps that comparison is a bit over the top, because the porn on Transsexual Road Trip Mobile doesn't go on forever. However, it does seem self-referencing that you can take porn based on road trips with you on road trips.

When I reviewed Transsexual Road Trip (a membership here gives you access to it), I mentioned that only some of the scenes seemed apropos to the sitename. You will find some from a DVD series called "Transsexual Road Trip" as well as some from "She Male Sex Safari" and "She Male Fuck Hotel," so these are somewhat travel-themed, although the action usually happens in nondescript hotel rooms that could be anywhere.

Updates get posted every four days and you get a few new movies at a time. There are already 580 videos and they look great on a mobile device. I wish that I could save my favorites, because I've got quite a few. There aren't any photo sets.

There are keyword tags, but it turns out that most of the time the scenes are simply labeled "shemale/tranny," so it's not particularly useful. The same goes for the categories you can browse, which are based on the same keywords. There isn't an advanced search, but the performers are linked so that you can find their other scenes.

What's frustrating is that you can only move through the content by one page at a time. Sure, you have the option of skipping all the way to the last page or jumping back to the very first, so I guess that might help if you know the scene you want is near the start or finish. But with nearly 40 pages of content already, they'd do better with a dropdown menu or individual page number links.

That navigation issue is the biggest one with the site and I suppose that all that tapping on my touch screen isn't really going to wear my finger down to the bone. I'm also rather good at keeping track of my favorite scenes in my head. So, overall, Transsexual Road Trip Mobile has great tranny porn that's worthwhile despite some navigation flaws.

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