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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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I'm almost reluctant to call Bright Desire a "for women" site because it's kind of for everyone. It is certainly different than what comes out of Porno Valley and other adult industry Meccas, but only because it wants to offer a touch of art, some realism in its sex and be less misogynistic than the mainstream porn scene.

Some may find that the site is hypocritical in its anti-mainstream pitch considering there's a whole section dedicated to mainstream hardcore (wonderfully titled "Under the Bed," which is where I'm sure many of you hide your porn). However, this is because it's trying to appeal to everyone without forcing people into camps. It's okay to love hardcore, softcore and art – you don't have to choose one over the other.

One thing I was pleased to see that beautifully proves her point ("her" being Ms. Naughty, the site's creator and videographer) is the inclusion of guy scenes. There are no "straight" or "gay" labels among the 222 movies and 96 photo sets. If you like looking at guys masturbate, it's there. If you want to see real couples having sex the way they do in real life – but filmed in high quality by a pro camerawoman as opposed to a grainy, stationary webcam – then it's there, too.

There are women masturbating while previously recorded narration documents what gets them off, interviews with the models, award-winning film shorts and more. Some of the shorts have college humor in them, but many don't even reach the level of softcore porn. It's an entertaining and always artistic change, but keep that in mind if all you want is nudity and sex.

At first glance, it looks like you're getting many more movies than you actually are. This is because the HD movies are treated as separate updates. Also, there are trailers and a handful of the flicks are also split into two or more parts. Most of the movies come in a few formats (Windows Media, WebM, QuickTime), but the HD MP4s are always your best bet, though not all of the movies have this option. You'll find photos in the photo section as well as in "under the bed." The hardcore pics are medium-res shots with perfect lighting and clarity.

Ms. Naughty also provides you with erotic stories, porn reviews and articles. Nothing on the site is dated, though it would appear that you can count on getting about nine new videos a month right now. If you really want a treat, watch the movie called, "Bushes" that shows you just the faces of women getting a Brazilian wax put to music. It's highly amusing.

About 70% of the content is exclusive and everything not found in the "under the bed" section was either created by Ms. Naughty or she at least had her hand in its production at some point in time. Her vision makes Bright Desire quite a unique porn experience that is worth checking out.


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  • Comment by: Francois

    Score: 50% Date: 08/12/2014

    I joined this site and it was definitely a ripoff. It's like they were looking for money to start the business. There was very little content, we are talking a handful of videos, definitely not enough to justify the monthly cost. I was extremely disappointed.