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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I have bit of a reputation around the office for getting a little too touchy-feely after having too much wine at the annual holiday party. I don't target guys per se, but I just seem to gravitate toward touching the knee of whomever I'm sitting next to. Then being tipsy, my hand might slip a little too far up the leg, but it's always by accident as my intentions remain pure. On Groping Hands, everyone is stone-cold sober and nothing is accidental.

Many men on GropingHands indeed appear straight and just how committed some are to that lifestyle is evidenced by the looks of discomfort on their faces. Others may not be 100% at ease with the new feelings they're having during the manhandling either, but their erections indicate that it's not an entirely unpleasant experience. Others relax and accept that they are enjoying being groped by dudes.

When you sign in you will see a bunch of numbers indicating how many boys, sessions, videos and images there are. I'm not entirely sure how they arrive at some of these stats, though, but in our case, I've counted 40 videos. They are posted as two or three clips that can be streamed in Flash and downloaded in Windows Media format.

It turns out that most are average in quality when you download them, although some are a bit below that level. The streaming versions tend to offer similar playback, but you need to wait for them to preload before you can skip ahead in the footage. I should also mention that there are only vid caps, but some are quite crisp.

Sometimes you will see an opening interview as the man strips, other times he appears clothed, but then is undressed by two gropers dressed in rather unusual outfits. We're talking latex bodysuits with cutouts for the upper part of their faces and three-quarter length sleeves that reveal their hairy arms. Their bodies are normally blurred out with only the groped guy in focus.

There is often what they call "deflowering" and that involves them fingering the straight boy's virgin asshole and sticking lubed-up toys inside it. The grimace that some guys give is quite intense as it probably hurts a bit, but other fellows take to the new stimulation like naturals. Then the studs are usually jerked off and in some cases the spent hunks are fed their own spunk.

I should also mention that there's an exit interview for some of them and they're asked whether they'd do it again, if they feel any regret or shame and if they plan on telling anyone. I like that some are candid enough to admit that the gateway to future gay experiences has been opened. Others act disgusted and even others are more or less convincing about how gross it was for them.

They promise weekly updates, but nothing is dated, so we'll have to take their word on it for now. Many scenes are watermarked with a different sitename, but it's simply the name of another site produced by the same parent company. I should mention that membership is quite expensive So in the end, Groping Hands would be more appealing with better-quality formats and a much lower price.

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