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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

What would you get if you went to the beach, snapped a bunch of pictures of cute girls and then posted the photos online? Well, in addition to getting sand in your shoes, you'd also get a site just like GND Candids. When you first sign in, you end up the homepage of the GND Pass network. From there, you can very easily access its 21 sites and each is represented by a thumbnail.

GNDCandids is strictly a photo site, so there aren't any videos for you to check out. All the sets are grouped together in a single section, so finding them is simple. There are 44 photo galleries and the images are generally clear and high-res (1024x768), which means you'll want to save a lot of them, but there aren't any Zip files.

None of them are dated, but we're provided with a list of updates for the entire network that stretches back to April 2012. None of the "candids" content appears on this list, so it probably dates from earlier than that.

The photographs genuinely seem to be candid shots that a photographer snapped while wandering around beaches and on streets. As such, there are plenty of shots of cute girls hanging out in shorts and bikinis. More recent sets also focus on jean-clad butts and cleavage. You'll even see an instance of whale tailing (when a chick's thong sticks out of the top of her pants).

Unfortunately, seeing as how these aren't staged, they aren't always as aesthetically pleasing as they could be. For example, some aren't all that dynamic and others don't have ideal composition.

With the website being seemingly stuck at its current size, it's nice to know that you get access to the other sites in the network, like GND Avery, GND Beach Videos and GND Kayla. You can also have some fun watching bonus videos, browsing photos of "friends" and watching live cam shows.

GND Candids has some good things going for it, but it's also hampered by its size and lack of growth. True voyeurs might appreciate what it has to offer, but it won't hold anyone's attention for very long.

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