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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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A cigarette holder is a very sexy accessory. It induces images of alluring, provocative vamps with ruby-red lips, long feminine lashes and curve-hugging gowns. The women on Sexy Holder Sirens all use cigarette holders as they puff away and the result is some very seductive fetish material.

Entering your login lands you on the network hub, Sexy Sirenz. Choose SexyHolderSirens from the drop-down menu at the top of the page and you'll be taken to the right place. The homepage has the upcoming and latest updates and the video and photos are in their own sections.

There are 27 movies, which isn't a huge amount, but the site is adding one episode a week. They have portable MP4 and 3GP formats and high-def MP4 and Windows Mediafiles. You can also stream the movies and grab clips if you want only a smoking snippet.

The images, on the other hand, appear to be enlarged vid caps. Many were downloadable in Zip files, but some weren't and this presented another problem. When I tried to view them online, I got an error page, so the only way to see them was to download them in Zip files. So some screen cap galleries were only viewable in their small thumbnails, which is not ideal.

All but one of the movies have one woman smoking and the remaining one has two blonde beauties puffing away together. All the videos take place in the same setting and the women are seated and smoking a cigarette in a black holder. I like how many of these vixens took the time to paint their nails or don satin or lace gloves to enhance the experience.

The design is adequate and navigating is simple. You can add items to a favorites section and leave comments and rate the material. There's also an advanced search to help you out and you can make your way through the "sirens" section to find your perfect woman.

There are sections marked "custom," and "art" and I'm guessing these will contain forms to make a shoot request and perhaps also some smoking-related art, but they're empty at the moment. If you find yourself needing more smoking porn, you can peruse three bonus sites: Sexy Cigarette Sirens, Sexy Cigar Sirens or Sexy Smoking Sirens from the drop-down menu.

SexyHolderSirens caters to a specific group of smoking fetishists and I think it's on the right path, but it would be nice to get more material. More frequent updating wouldn't hurt either.

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