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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Sure it's great that you can check your email, get directions and play Words With Friends on your iPhone, but isn't the best thing about a smartphone the fact that you can watch porn on it? If you agree then iPhone Pornz is certainly going to interest you. The question is, is it worth it?

Let us start with the design and navigation. On both those fronts iPhonePornz scores well. The site has a slightly different look from other mobile sites by putting two columns of thumbnails per page. You can save your favorites, the pages are numbered, you can sort the vids and rate them and there are content tags to allow easy filtering.

I enjoyed browsing the site, but when it came to watching the videos I was a little disappointed. With less than a third of the content being exclusive I wasn't expecting incredible-looking vids, but each movie I watched looked average.

At the moment there are 379 videos. And in case you were wondering, the people behind the site told us that while it is primarily oriented to the iPhone/Safari, it will also work fine with all MPEG4, H.264, HTML5 friendly devices like Android.

While the first two or three vids I watched all happened to be anal-sex scenes, a quick glance at all the content tags told me that there are also creampies, threesomes, grannies and POV fucking to be had, among many other niches. Besides the thumbnails for each scene, there aren't any photos.

Since there are many more usability features than on most mobile sites, I was a little surprised to not find any dates on the content. However, it seems that 168 videos have been added to the collection over the last nine months, so it seems that updates get posted pretty often.

The amount of content is pretty good, updates appear to come often and the site experience is great. However, remember that the collection is mostly nonexclusive and the vids look average. With that in mind, I can't recommend iPhone Pornz as highly as I could were they to make some improvements to the quality of their videos.

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