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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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When they say Any Webcam, they mean it. If you have a web cam and a membership to the site you can be the star of the show, or at least create your own. AnyWebcam is like a big horny amateur community.

At first the site can be both confusing and intimidating. The site looks good, but there is just so much right there on the homepage that it takes a minute to focus and to start to figure out what there is actually available. Here is a quick summary of what there is message boards, amateur pictures, homemade videos and chat rooms with tons of people live on cam.

At first I just started clicking around and opening people's cams. At one point, I had about 10 cam windows on my desktop with women in various states of undress, although most were just sitting there in front of their computer. Don't forget that these are real people, so while I had a couple hot numbers in front of me, I also had one lady that had to be over 60 and a few chunky Midwestern soccer mom types. That's the beauty of it though. These are people just like you and in that way so much more attainable. Not that this is purely a dating site, but come on, I'm sure that is a pretty big component to it as well. They are also always having these competitions set up by the site with themes like adult videos, holiday costumes etc… so you can send in your own entry and/or check out the entries made by other members. That's where I should mention that most of these features along with many others are only available to paid members. So while it is free to join, with that free membership you will only be able to get a very basic taste of the site.

A site like this only really works if there are enough people on it and from what I could see that's not a problem here. There were hundreds of people online when I was on and there are actually over 2 million members in all. It's a site that you join and need to stay with awhile to build connections as you get to know people. Therefore, for the first while it might seem like everyone knows everyone else but you, the community is very friendly and as long as you aren't an asshole, you should do fine.

I did have issues with some aspects of the design of Any Webcam. For example the cam windows are always on top of the screen and can't be minimized so that I had to constantly move them around the screen in order to see different parts of the page. However, besides that this looks like a site that would be a lot of fun to be a part of.

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