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Adam Strong

By: Adam Strong
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The Sandfly is a common name people give to a bunch of different bugs that live in desert-like conditions. Being bitten by one of these bugs almost always occurs on a beach and the itchiness lasts much longer than a mosquito bite. And many of the babes appearing on this site tend to get naked on the beach and once you see their tits and asses, you'll be itching for more.

There's no monthly membership on TheSandfly, but, to be fair, you can instead get a four-month membership for around the cost of what most amateur sites charge you for 30 days. If you like the content enough, then I can see this being a great deal for some of you.

The design is a bit bland and outdated by early '90s standards. And I find it a bit confusing that once you're logged in, you'll still see "log in" and "join" links. There's a menu on the left with interesting categories, like "dare devils," beach life" and "oops." You'll need to rely on your "back" button a lot and it takes awhile to figure out where everything is and how to get around.

There are 1,589 movies and most of them can be found in the videos section. However, about 120 of them are located in the "Sandfly's Own" section. As the name implies, it's where you can find material filmed by the site. Some of the other sections have a bit of licensed content, so roughly 35% of the content is exclusive.

You'll notice a section called "Serial Killers." I think it's titled this way not because its stars are murderers, but because they have killer looks and this is the only section in which clicking on a page of content shows you multiple galleries instead of an assortment of random shots. The way the other photo sections are set up, each page of content counts as a single gallery.

The 3,368 photo sets feature a bit of everything, but what they all have in common is that they star amateurs. Most of the material falls under two types: hidden cams on a beach where it's okay to go nude, or self-shot photos of teens and 20-somethings taken with a cheap camera or cell phone. Other pics show babes hanging out together (sometimes fooling around) and chicks who are sucking and/or fucking their boyfriends.

The photos can sometimes be viewed in a slideshow and other times you have to click them one at a time. There are no Zip files and the quality ranges from low to high-res, with most being medium-res. The vids can only be streamed and are generally very short. Some are a group of clips and others are full-length files. The majority of the movies are low in quality, which is expected given that they're amateur.

Between all the sections, you'll get around 70 new clips each month. While you wait, you can check out the "laughs" section, which features a ton of funny photo sets. Most of them are non-porn related and include de-motivational posters. It's inexpensive to join, so you'll have to decide if it's worth it to you or not.

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