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Adam Strong

By: Adam Strong
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I've got numerous hobbies, including comic book collecting and being a gym rat. I think my raunchiest hobby is self-evident, since it eventually got me this job as a porn reviewer. However, I think My Dirty Hobby is more vanilla than most people's. At least that's the impression I get when I check out this community site.

The members of MyDirtyHobby form an online community unlike any other I've seen before. You can befriend users from across the world as with most community sites, but that's only one aspect of what you can do here. You can also check out countless amounts of user-submitted content. That content, in case you haven't figured it out, is all very naughty.

There are amateurs posing nude, having lesbian, straight and group sex, people who masturbate with and without sex toys, kinky BDSM scenes and so much more. Interracial, double penetration, you name it. If there's a kink you prefer, then this site has everyday people like you and me posting more videos of it than you can watch in a month.

The material amounts to a whopping 268,882 movies and 190,994 photo sets. On top of this, there are between 620 and 850 new scenes being added every hour of the day. A ton of that material is in German without subtitles since the site is maintained by Germans, but you can translate the site into English or Dutch. The only thing that doesn't translate are the scene titles, write-ups and dialogue, because those are provided by the users.

Being user-submitted, the quality is a little all over the place. However, I was surprised to see that most of the movies look good in spite of that fact. They can only be streamed through an embedded Flowplayer and if you want to keep them you have to buy them.

The reason it's set up that way is so that those who submit their own porn can make a commission. This makes it a cross between a VOD site and your typical amateur-community porn site, but you'll be pleased to know that that all the movies you purchase show up in a section you can access again and again without having to repay for it.

The same can be said for the photos and you can technically save them in Zip folders. I say "technically" because you're charged per image, so if you want the Zip option, then you have to pay for the entire set. Like the movies, they vary in quality, but I did spot numerous high-res shots.

Approximately 30% of the material is exclusive and I'm betting it's the content that looks like it was filmed with pornstar-quality cameras. Some people also submitted actual pornstar films that you can find on DVD sites. I guess they're trying to make a quick buck, because while their quality looked to be worthwhile, the cost of some of these is quite high.

It's obviously random as to how much a movie or pic might cost, but I'd say you get charged about 110 tokens (or "DirtyCents" as they're called) for every minute of footage. Most users seem to apply a fair increase or decrease to that amount depending on how high the quality is, how hard the action is and how long the movie runs. Those nonexclusive DVD scenes I mentioned run as high as several hundred thousand tokens for only parts of a scene.

The pics are rarely more than 99 tokens each and given how most of the very popular members charge only 50 each, I wouldn't be surprised to see those numbers drop accordingly. Tokens are also used for chatting with amateur performers in live cam sessions where you'll see a common price of 99 to 299 tokens per minute of public chat.

Most of the models are only German, so communication is a bit tricky. However, I noticed many of them flash their breasts and give blowjobs to dildos in the public portion. To take the cam girls private, it usually costs an additional 200 tokens per minute. With qualities clearly labeled as SD, HQ and HD, it becomes easy to find cams with perfect fluidity of motion and picture quality.

Navigating the movie and photo collections is harder than you might like, but pretty reasonable given the type of site it is and how friggin' huge those collections are. You can search the last week's and last month's most popular updates, as well as use the latest videos and latest photo sections to view everything added in the last 30 days. However, anything older than that requires you to click on a profile and view the users' submissions.

A few features make filtering the content easier, though. There's a search page, but it's really a gigantic advanced search that lets you browse by hair length and color, boob and/or penis size, ethnicity, whether they're male, female or couples, and tons of sex acts. There's also a category search that focuses more on the type of action in the vids than what type of models are in them. You can also search users who submitted content by the country they live in.

You can purchase tokens in three different batches, but the price per token is the same for each. With this type of site, there are obviously no extras, but it's debatable as to whether you even need any. One thing to note is that the more you spend, the higher your chances of getting an extra 15% off tokens when you next buy a batch. VIP status (although it's unexplained how you obtain it) gets you an extra 25% off.

This is the longest review I've ever written for you guys and gals and, if you haven't noticed, there's really nothing negative to say about the site. With that in mind, you'll love My Dirty Hobby if you enjoy adult online communities, amateur porn and/or cam sites.

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