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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Has this ever happened to you? You are out and about, away from your computer or laptop, when all of a sudden a guy runs out into the street. He is carrying a bag full of money and yells out that he will give it to the first person who shows him their smartphone/portable device that's signed into Club Lexxi Tyler Mobile.

Sure, you could always wait for it to happen and then take out your phone, surf over to ClubLexxiTylerMobile, sign up and then sign in and show him your phone. But what if someone else nearby already has a membership and all they have to do is sign in? You will be fucked and no richer, whereas that guy will now be rich and will have already been checking out the beautiful Lexxi Tyler on his phone.

Is it worth it, you ask? Well, if you ever do run into the situation described above then it sure the hell is worth it! However, if a membership never enables you to be the first one to a bag of cash, the verdict is a little less obvious.

And the main reason for that is the fact that there are only 28 photo sets and 23 videos. The pictures look good and the movies look average on the small screen. Each scene comes with a little write-up. Just go ahead and tap the video and off you go.

Lexxi might love cock in her spare time - and I'm pretty sure she does - but when it comes to her site, so far it is a penis-free zone. Her content is all solo masturbation play and hot lesbian action. And, yes, her girlfriends are just as sexy as she is.

The menu at the top of the page lets you easily browse all the sections and you will also notice right below it a dropdown menu that gets you to all the bonus sites. There are about 10 pornstar ones, including Heather Summers Mobile and Dakota Rae Patrick Mobile, to name a couple.

Her collection is dated and I can tell you that she hasn't added anything to the site since 2009. With that, and the small amount of content already here, if Lexxi is all you desire, there isn’t enough of her to really satisfy.

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