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Updated on: 04/29/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
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  • Lots of new content has been posted (around 500 videos and 1,080 photo galleries).

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It sounds more like a mom and pop diner in the American south than an adult website, but Aunt Judys is actually the latter. No, you can't come here to get a warm cup of coffee and a piece of homemade apple pie, but you can fill yourself up on mature women stripping, posing, masturbating and having sex. So what do you want? Dessert or self-pleasuring? The choice is yours.

I love AuntJudys' mature amateurs and the site looks good as well. You can browse by top video or photo category, isolate just the videos or pictures by heading into their respective sections, seek out specific acts using keyword tags or an advanced search, and use the menu at the top of the page to access the model directory.

There are around 5,300 movies to check out and even though the oldest ones are split up into clips and offer poor-quality playback, there are plenty that come in Full HD and are available in full-length files. Most are in Windows Media and MP4 files, including one that can be streamed in an embedded player.

The movie and photo sections do have an issue with browsing that I need to mention, though. You see, folks, there are hundreds of pages of content, but to get through them all you can only jump ahead a few at a time or jump right to the last page. A dropdown with page numbers or the like would've been helpful. Thankfully you can at least save all your favorites, so you don't have to try and find them again on your next visit.

You'll no doubt be impressed with the 18,130 or so photo shoots too. Most come in three sizes, with the largest always containing high-res pics. There tends to be about 175 in each set and they can be saved in Zip files.

Much of the content seems to focus on posing and masturbation, but you're still going to get some hardcore action. There are often intergenerational sex scenes that will leave you breathless and I also spotted a bunch of older-lesbian hookups.

There are some archived cam show performances that date from 2012 and 2013, but no new cam shows are scheduled as far as I can tell. Updates are daily and normally consist of a few photo sets and at least a couple of videos, which is a great schedule. It's pretty safe to say that you're not going to run out of high-quality mature porn thanks to Aunt Judy.

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  • Comment by: Larry

    Score: 92% Date: 01/18/2015

    I posted the review below by hammer. Michael from Rabbits offered to get me a refund of my $30 if I chose to.

    Update: The server problems were at all of the ATK sites. ATK offered to give all subscribers impacted by the server problems a free month at any other ATK site. The access problems appeared to be resolved by December 31, 2014.

    Michael from Rabbit followed up and contacted me to ask if my issues were satisfactorily resolved. I emailed him back and the email bounced. I got an email indicating Michael has a spam problem please fill out this page. I am concerned about getting malware from email and could not be 100% sure that email came from Rabbit and wasn't from a hacker phishing. I did not chance responding. In order to update my review I am using a different email.

    1. My issues are resolved. ATK gave myself and all other subscribers in the same situation one free month at any other ATK site. The CCBill also added 18 days to my subscription time at auntjudys and I was down only about six days.
    2. I would like to revise my rating of auntjudys from 5 to 92 (excellent). The server issues have been resolved. Downloading photos is very fast on my high speed connection. The Custom Zip files also work fairly well and are an excellent feature. I have downloaded very few videos.
    3. Amount of content is outstanding. I wish there were more older women older than 50, but that is a problem with all of the mature women websites. Quality of photos is generally good to very good. Quality of videos is very good. Photographers are only okay, but that is also my opinion of the photographers on other mature women sites.
    4. Sort engine is very good. Being able to search by photographer is also a very good feature.

    Conclusion: For people interested in women between the ages of 30 and 50, with most of the models below the age of 50, this site is highly recommended for both photos and videos.

    Rabbit: Please remove my other review, or change my rating to 92
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:01/19/2015): Thanks for the review, Larry. I sent you an email.

  • Comment by: hammer

    Score: 92% Date: 12/27/2014

    Slowest adult site I have ever used. Can I please get my $30 refunded to me. Sit is down some of the time. It is so slow that with a high speed cable connection it takes almost an hour to download 15 pictures sets. Each set actually was downloaded in from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, but it took a long time to bring up the screen where you download the zip file of the photo set. This is exclusively an ATK problem, not a problem with my internet connection reliablility and speed. There are long delays when you click on a model to when you see her photo sets. Then when you click on a model there are long delays to view her photo sets. Then when you click on a photo set there are usually long delays before being able to view the first 10 photos in the set ..................................

    Other sites such as allover30 dot com and southerncharms dot com are very fast. It is too tedious for me to use this site to spend a lot of time to get just a few sets of photos. AuntJudys used to be reasonable fast when I joined the site in 2009. ATK has ruined the site. They don't have the expertise and apparently won't spend the money necessary to improve their servers, improve downloading speed and to make navigating the site a decent experience.

    The Rabbit's reviews and other sites reviews are generally not very helpful, not comprehensive, and often inaccurate. Many of the user reviews contain much more accurate information about the sites.

    If possible, can you please assist me in getting a refund of my approximately $30?
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/29/2014): Thank you for the review, hammer. I have sent you an email. ATK is currently undergoing some server issues and have been working hard to get them resolved.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 90% Date: 12/21/2014

    Site keeps going down

    What is Auntjudys: BravoMamas ? A new site not reviewed here?
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/22/2014): Hello. I sent you an email. The site's producer, ATK, has been having server issues and is working to get them fixed ASAP.

  • Comment by: sinuous

    Score: 30% Date: 12/20/2014

    The site has been down now intermittently for about a week or more. It's down as I write this. Wish I could get my money back. They were doing pretty good for a while, then out of the blue, crash. This site used to be something special and i don't think the same folks are running it that did before. Hopefully someday it will turn around and be able to run continuously with shutting down compleletly.

  • Comment by: jayman

    Score: 62% Date: 03/31/2014

    A lot of content, and a lot of MILFs from 30-60, but like all ATK sites in the last six months, they are TOO SLOW!! I stupidly have an active Aunt Judy subscription, but like Petites and Exotics it takes forever to download a single picture. It only works when it wants to.

  • Comment by: oooooops

    Score: 35% Date: 03/17/2014

    Quite disappointed. Go for this site if you have a preference for picture sets, of which there is good variety here (and, to be frank, of the kind you can also find for free on the web). The videos are quite mediocre (shooting quality, duration, quantity) in comparison to, say, Reality Kings. Navigation on the webpage is quite cumbersome. All this is a shame, since the models on the website are very good looking, but the potential for good video footage is not fully exploited. One of AJ advantage is that there is no re-curring billing (which I resent deeply). All in all, I would not recommend.

  • Comment by: Sinuous

    Score: 60% Date: 02/27/2014

    This used to be a great site and has had many ups and downs over the years. It is now in a down phase and I only give it a 60 because of the amount of older content you have access to, otherwise I'd give it a 20 or 30 out of 100. This site is horribly slow. Pictures, that's right in this day and age, pictures download slowly if at all. The content itself is suffering with the same models being updated over and over again, not as much varitety as before. And now the updates, though daily, are a mere one picture set and two videos. It used to be four of five picture sets, 5 to 6 days a week plus a day of 5 to 6 videos. That was when it was almost worth $29.99/month. Today, I don't see it being worth more than $9.99/month. I hope this site turns around as it has been a mainstay for so long.

  • Comment by: Dondo

    Score: 85% Date: 11/12/2013

    Good for about a month. Some hot mature ladies, some dogs too.
    Many vibrator scenes without batteries that I find amusing.
    No live webcams while I was there, some recorded ones though.
    All in all not too bad.

  • Comment by: Mike Hunt

    Score: 95% Date: 04/17/2013

    Great site, recently taken over by ATK. Does update everyday. DOES NOT have an download limit. Allows use of DL managers. LOTS of content. Would like more 50+ women but overall good mix.

  • Comment by: Seven

    Score: 60% Date: 07/07/2011

    Site has a download limit. User account gets flagged.

  • Comment by: ClitLicker

    Score: 90% Date: 01/28/2011

    Based upon what I like to see, which is very revealing solo posing of hairy-crotched women between 45 and 65, I consider this site to be on par with and AllOver30. I found good, satisfying picture sets of about 30 models that included plenty of spread leg poses and open pussy shots that showed big lips and clits. Some of the sets seemed old, but who cares?

  • Comment by: Mickyd

    Score: 50% Date: 11/29/2010

    This site would be great, but they advertise that it is updated everyday. It is NOT updated everyday, maybe every 3rd or 4th day. OW offered more updates by themself, and you would expect more woth the AJ content also. Just a scam to get your money. Also, they are recycling older material. They are posting a set or two that is "new" but is really from the sister site or Karups OW. Shoots that Unique content score out the door

  • Comment by: peekaboo

    Score: 100% Date: 10/16/2010

    I agree - since the overhaul with OW, a great site - one can't and shouldn't miss this site

  • Comment by: Kwan Tung Army

    Score: 95% Date: 06/28/2010

    I agree with Slamyank, the overhaul has made it top quality, especially the link to Olde Women.

  • Comment by: SlamYank

    Score: 99% Date: 06/04/2010

    This site has had a major overhaul. There have been vast improvements to the site design. The best part, they have combined both Aunt Judy's and Older Women into one super site! Awesome content! They keep adding beautiful new models on a regular basis too!