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Will Peters

By: Will Peters
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I would say that the boys on Eurocreme are certainly the cream of the crop. I don't want to deride the appeal of males from other parts of the world, but it is hard to ignore the sheer physical perfection of some of the specimens coming from across the U.K. These guys are so genetically gifted with lean godlike bods (that look natural, not manmade by crazy amounts of time spent at the gym), thick uncut rods and cute boyish or chiseled handsome faces.

Honestly when I see some of the action on Eurocreme I don't understand why there's anyone left on Earth that doesn't think being gay is a valid lifestyle choice. I challenge any guy who is as hot as these dudes are who's hanging out with a bunch of his equally gorgeous buddies not to have some innocent horseplay turn into gay sucking and fucking. I mean some things are inevitable.

And I think that's what I appreciate about European gay porn is that the performers always perform like you'd expect. Some dudes have a kind of masculine look or bad boy attitude, but if they're gay for pay, bi or simply gay, they deliver on camera. That gives the 266 videos a fluidity and an intensity that's hard to beat. Same with the over 330 photo sets mixing solo posing spreads and pics captured from the action.

The downloaded scenes bring you good-quality playback for the most part, although some of the downloadable flicks are great in quality. There are some that come in HD, but in the end, their high-def format is streaming-only Flash, while their downloaded files are similar to most of the others. You will also find files for portable devices and a new video is added every week.

I remember when I was 19 being in love with the 18-year-old younger brother of one of my friends. He was born in Germany and I came from a town where his light (almost white) blond hair and cornflower blue eyes were a rarity. He was also tall and just naturally lean without an ounce of fat on him. I never had the guts to make a pass at him, but the boys on this site remind me of that European male beauty.

I was almost too innocent back then to even contemplate the kinds of things these dudes do. I mean besides the solo shoots, because that young German inspired enough of those for me. I'm referring more to the sex outdoors, the military fantasies played out, the kinky BDSM and glory hole sessions. Not to mention that there aren't just couples or threesomes going at it, but foursomes and full-out orgies.

Some of the flicks that I already listed are found in a bonus section, but that seems to be because although they're filmed and watermarked for this site, they lack pics. There is a section of extras with 12 streaming-only scenes and some accompanying photos that come as exclusive samples from other sites that you can join at a discount. Modest bonuses aside, Eurocreme will let you live out all your creamy gay teen dreams.


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  • Comment by: Ralph F

    Score: N/A Date: 09/17/2014

    I think you mistyped your 'confirmation'. It says:
    Updated: I confirmed that there is no DRM on Eurocreme or any of their affiliated sites. In fact, for new members the site is streaming-only. Our updated review will reflect this information when it is published.
    "I confirmed there is NO DRM"????????
    There IS DRM, and no videos can be downloaded to own, they are viewable only during the membership period. I hope that they will change that as a result of your informing people.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:09/18/2014): Hi, Ralph. You are misunderstanding what DRM is. If a membership only allows streaming video, that does not mean it has DRM. Some sites allow their members to download content, while others don't. We reflect this in our RabbitScore. Our current review is outdated, but an updated review will be published soon.

  • Comment by: Ralph F

    Score: N/A Date: 09/16/2014

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:09/16/2014): Thank you for the message, Ralph. Our review is outdated, but we're in the process of getting Eurocreme updated. Confirming DRM is very important as not many sites are using it anymore. Thank you for the head's up.
    Updated: I confirmed that there is no DRM on Eurocreme or any of their affiliated sites. In fact, for new members the site is streaming-only. Our updated review will reflect this information when it is published.