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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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In my previous working life, I used to do online presales support for a major gaming console. What that means is that for 7.5 hours a day I would chat live with inexpereineced guys about buying the latest video games. Sometimes the spelling and grammar was so bad, I wasn't sure whether they were asking a question or making a statement. That's what non-nude Dakota South is like. Lots of cheesy text that seems to have been written by a horny guy, who has just grown his first pubic hair and discovered he likes chicks. Nevertheless, Dakota's hot, even if her writing is not.

So far, she has 97 galleries available, each with about 50 to 75 shots. Unlike many other solo sites, DakotaSouth actually contains a lot of Dakota with other gals only occasionally filling in or taking part in the shoots. Also unlike much of the competition, although the site itself has a definite amateur feel about it, the pictures are high-res. In addition, although they aren't all high-art, the galleries are professional-looking.

The videos, of which I counted 21, are downloadable in great Windows Media format. These clips are short at one to four minutes long and don't necessarily have the same level of professionalism as the galleries as far as lighting, sets, etc. All action captured in photos or video is softcore, non-nude posing, but Dakota South does like to tease us by making out with some of her friends.

Whether I appreciate or necessarily buy that all those silly texts are actually written by the real Dakota and not just purposefully dumbed down to make her seem even less experienced than she is, doesn't really matter. Unfortunately, the update schedule went down hill to about once a month. 

The price is much lower than most solo babe sites. According to my tastes at least, she might not be a rocket scientist, but Dakota ignites all the same.

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