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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I have been to film fests, beer fests and art fests, but I have to say that none of those compare to the Anal Lick Fest. This raunchy hardcore is a feast for all your senses because the intense action is filled with bodies slick with sweat, load moaning and contorted facial expressions mixing pain with pleasure. If it's too hot for you, you'd better get out of the proverbial kitchen.

AnalLickFest has 86 movies to download and stream several formats. You will always find one version of each movie with good to high-def playback. The only frustrating thing is that not all the vids have a full-length version. You can be faced with downloading a lot of one-minute clips to get a whole video in some instances, because most are around 45 minutes long.

True sometimes both babes end up getting screwed. All the same, the usual premise is that one angel is the anal recipient and the other chick is the licker. While one lady is getting her butt reamed in a variety of positions the other is sucking the stud's schlong to make it extra long and hard. She also licks the other babe's butthole between plunges of the guy's rigid pole.

All the while, there is plenty of moaning and dirty talk between the performers. There are also lots of commands from a guy behind the camera who's running the show. He tells the folks in the film what to do and how to do it. He shouts out thing, like "force the cum out of your ass and into her mouth" or "slurp up the cum from her asshole… now make out", etc. All this commotion can almost give you sensory overload while you watch.

There are 61 photo sets accompanying some select scenes. They are filled with regular-res images that you can watch in a hands-free slideshow. There are no Zip files though. You will get to see some cute solo posing of the two gals before the hardcore begins.

Updates are only once every two weeks, but you get 53 full-access bonus sites. They include Fucked Up Facials, Its Facials, Black Juicy Creampies, Fucked Up Handjobs and Cum Filled Mouths. You will notice some overlap between the additional sites, but they still offer tons of unique scenes. There are some other extras, but their links are broken. Anal Lick Fest has enough high-quality content to make it worth joining. 

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  • Comment by: Paul

    Score: 65% Date: 04/14/2011

    The annoying thing about this series is that the director never shuts the fuck up for 30 seconds. So, if you like to hear some dumb ass talking the entire duration of every episode, this excels at that.

  • Comment by: dontshoeme

    Score: 95% Date: 08/08/2009

    just one of the funniest site i've ever seen. Thats how porn should be. Third degree and fun as hell.

  • Comment by: Hellagood

    Score: 5% Date: 09/05/2008

    This is a Hellebad site, Slow downloads on my fast broadband then stops you always have to press resume. White girls skin is yellow or to tanned not like their advertisment. They are also known as and their address is MNP Enterprises, LLC, USA Office/Branch
    16673 Roscoe Blvd.
    North Hills, CA 913
    They do not answer to your problems and do not give Refunds. One of their billing agents are Local and they are also do not help you they are bad also. I Rate it at 0/100.