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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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It was bound to happen at some point. A lot of so-called amateur porn is so slickly produced that despite featuring amateurs, it hardly seems amateur at all. It's kind of like how "unscripted" reality TV shows can seem these days. If you think the gay amateur porn you've seen of late is too fake looking, you should check out Cam Boy Secrets for content with real amateur appeal.

This nonexclusive collection comes from a variety of sources, although you will find a page where you can submit your own content. At any rate, there's no debate that the scenes don't look like they're shot in a studio and usually it's quite clear that the footage is recorded on a webcam, camcorder or cell phone. I like the one where a guy sticks a dildo onto his refrigerator door and uses the opposite wall in his narrow kitchen to brace against as he rides it back and forth.

It's definitely homemade in the least wholesome way imaginable and that's just a sampling of what you'll find in the 755 mostly average-quality videos. I will say that many of the guys, like the boy fucking his fridge, are hot (having sex with your appliance rather than opening it up for food is an interesting diet trick).

You'll see a lot of different body types. I especially like the slim ones because it means that you're going to see cocks that look rather massive compared to the slender thighs that frame them.

You will see many solo strokers choking the chicken, but those scenes don't necessarily end in the hunks spewing their spunk. Still, you will see some nice loads as well as some self-fellatio feats of greatness. There are also couples sharing blowjobs and enjoying anal sex, often bareback, but other times with condoms.

I was a bit surprised to find only 64 photo galleries in comparison to the huge number of vids. I thought that photos would be more prevalent, because people seem to post them more often. You'll see 27 sets of mixed images and 37 sets with several pics featuring the same amateur exhibitionist.

It's unclear how often the site is updated, but you'll find bonus vids that are also downloadable, additional pictures and streaming feeds. I would say that what this site most has in its favor is the sheer number of vids and you will enjoy seeing real amateurs showing off their bods and rods on Cam Boy Secrets.


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