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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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You've seen them before, those Old Perverts who stare at hotties who are at least half their age (often with a hand or two furiously searching for something in their pockets). Normally, they get written off as senile old lechers, but every now and then it's a surprise to see them actually hooking up with one of the twentysomething cuties they're lusting after.

On OldPerverts, the material shows you just what those lucky, horny geezers do when they manage to get a date with a chick who is under 30 years old. In most cases, it ends exactly as you would imagine, meaning the guy can't wait to get his mouth all over her titties and pussy, so he takes her somewhere slightly less crowded and fucks her in public.

The other cases aren't dates at all and have studs fucking their sexy fresh-out-of-college therapists or their busty babysitters. I also spotted a handful of scenes in which a personal trainer shows athletic hotties the benefits of a good cardio routine. Most scenes are guy/gal, but a few of them are threesomes and foursomes. You'll also find the rare kinky scene.

The collection amounts to 122 movies, 60 of which come with a photo gallery. New porn normally arrives every five days, but there are times when you can wait as long as 10 days. Every movie can be viewed in several formats, including an average-looking MP4 download and stream, a smaller file meant for your mobile devices and a good-quality Windows Media file.

They all come with vid caps, but it's hit or miss as to which scene comes with an actual photo set. That's because you can only search by category, most recently added scene and most popular scene, as opposed to having separate video and photo sections. When you do come across a picture gallery, you can look forward to high-res images. Most of the time, they can also be saved in Zip folders.

Extras include access to dozens of sites covering a variety of niches. Among them, you'll find several similarly themed sites like Old Man Gangbang, Old Seducers and Old Couple Fuck Teen.

If you've got a thing for watching Old Perverts fucking babes in their teens and 20s, then this site makes for a great starting point. It's got hot content that's high in quality, so you might want to give it a look.

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