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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I knew a throat once that was always joking around and never took anything I said seriously. It also expected me to do everything for it and it loved to play the repeat-everything-I-say game and draw mustaches on all the art in my apartment. It was such an immature throat.

I can't speak for the emotional maturity of any one Mature Throat on this site, but I can confirm that they (and the older ladies they are attached to) like a hard cock. But so do the mature assholes and pussies and they don't want to be left out of all the fun either.

Although the sitename implies that this is a blowjob site, that really isn't the case. Sure, each scene begins with an older woman sucking a cock or two placed in front of her, but that is pretty much how most porn scenes begin. And, like most porn scenes, these too jump from the sucking to the fucking. In this case, some of the ladies also take it up the ass before getting a mouth full of man juice.

Each scene comes with a write-up (bored housewife invites guy over, etc), but there is no setup in the video itself. Each one begins with an older lady sitting on a couch or chair and within five seconds a younger dude or two walks into the room and they get to it (in one scene the guys are sitting and the lady walks in, but you get the idea).

The design is good and it's easy to find the 49 movies and 11 galleries. However, it's disappointing that the site hasn't updated since July 2013. Each set comes with high-res pictures and the videos stream in a Flowplayer and are downloadable as desktop and portable files. The ones marked "MP4 HQ" are good in quality.

Your membership gets you access to four other network sites, including Mature Internal and Mature Spank. The continuation of the older-lady theme is nice and you will see many of the same women on the different sites. Just so you know, they aren't updating either these days.

Mature Throat has enough content to make it worthy of a visit, but you might not stick with it indefinitely given its lack of growth. If you like experienced women, check it out and keep your fingers crossed that it starts updating again.

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