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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Obviously Caribbean Flaver is not going to win any awards at your local spelling bee. To be fair, "flavor" spelled correctly turns up a lot of recipes for Jamaican jerk chicken. In a way it's a funny coincidence because the content here may have some of us choking the chicken. I'm not sure what the female equivalent to that expression is. Maybe fingering the turkey's wattle? But I digress.

In a world where we're promised amateur porn and then served up semi-pros or pornstars, CarribeanFlaver keeps it fresh and spicy. You won't see any of these ebony amateurs anywhere else, that's for sure. Most of the shoots are done outside and I must say that not having had a chance to take a tropical vacay for a couple years, the beautiful scenery plus beautiful babes make me crave travel.

Nothing is dated, but comparing the current amounts with our previous visit, the site appears to be updating about once every two months (assuming it updates regularly). You'll find 50 videos so far and even if that's not a lot, you can mostly expect high-def playback. You can also check out 45 photo galleries or if you prefer you can preview the scenes by streaming them.

When you think of places in the Caribbean, like Jamaica, you may imagine a very laidback society. Add in the tourist resorts where they promise hedonists that anything goes, you'll have a skewed view of what life is like. Jamaican society can be rather conservative and the scenes here of public nudity and sex would be shocking. The fact that there's some lesbian action also pushes the envelope.

I've seen porn shot outdoors in a variety of locations, but it sometimes results in what looks like uncomfortable, awkward sex acts in a hot environment that seems dusty and dirty. Here the performers certainly do glisten with sweat, but the exotic locales seem pristine and one imagines inhaling clean air with a hint of saltiness. Lovers make love in a tropical paradise.

Most of the women have some serious curves, although one of them is leaner than the rest. It's nice to see some natural breasts. I saw a couple pierced bellybuttons and at least one babe has a tattoo across her stomach and a pierced clit. The men are muscular and many are quite hung.

You can rate the scenes and leave comments, but there hasn't been much feedback yet. You don't get any bonus sites, although the company does advertise some of the other sites under its umbrella. In the end, Caribbean Flaver has porn that you won't see anywhere else, but after a taste you may feel like you need more of it.

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    hi i dont see anythin that i dont like about Caribbeanflaver but for someone to get to be apart of the team is too hard to get in u guys take for ever to get back to them it shouldnt be so hard