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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Do you think watching two girls go at it is sweet? Does watching one babe go down on another warm your heart? Do you like watching porn on your mobile device? If you answered yes to these questions, there's a pretty good chance that Sweetheart Video Mobile is the website for you.

What you'll find on SweetheartVideoMobile are 572 lesbian scenes that originally appeared on DVDs with names like "Girls Kissing Girls," "Lesbian Deception" and "Lesbian Truth Or Dare." You may be familiar with some of these titles, but you probably haven't seen them elsewhere on the Internet.

There are two ways to browse the content. There is no pagination, so you can either look through the pages one by one until something catches your eye (which may take some time), or you can use the category tags to find flicks that feature specific kinds of action. I personally prefer to navigate through sites like this using the second method.

To say these scenes are hot would be an understatement. These horny lesbians are just exquisite and it's a real pleasure to watch them perform in hot and hardcore sex scenes. I loved seeing them lick each other's wet pussies and use toys to penetrate their tight holes. If you want to see them go at it while you're at home, feel free to visit the desktop version of Sweetheart Video at no extra cost.

You'll be pleased to know that most of the vids look good. Also, it's easy to skip ahead when watching the scenes, which is great if you want to skip any preamble and get right to the good, nasty stuff. There are no photos and while that's disappointing, it's really not the end of the world, as there are already a good number of vids here. And updates are three to four days apart.

As mentioned above, Sweetheart Video Mobile is likely to appeal to you if you like lesbian porn and enjoy watching girl-on-girl action on your various portable devices. Get yourself a membership today, so that you can catch the cuties going at it the next time you're out and about.

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