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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Not too long ago, I read a study that said 92% of women and 98% of men masturbate more than twice a week. That's a lot of jerking off and clit rubbing and it makes me wonder what everybody fantasizes about while they diddle themselves. It's not hard to figure out what Francescas Fantasies are, though.

It's probably safe to say that FrancescasFantasies involve gun play and exhibitionism. The latter has led to her always masturbating in front of a camera so that she can upload her self-loving skills onto the Internet for us. The former has led to some unique and arguably extreme scene setups.

A bunch of the write-ups imply that she's got serious mental issues and is going to use her favorite .38 to not only get herself off, but also to off herself with. This gets your heart racing in terror instead of beating from arousal, because she seriously looks like she's going to pull the trigger. Luckily, the rumor that guns are cock substitutes seems to be true, because she always gets too turned on by the barrel to go through with it and instead sucks it like a cock.

She's also big into using the handle of her handgun to fuck her pussy and often holds onto it while using her fingers. As any action movie has shown, guns are friggin' sexy, so it's no wonder she loves hers so darn much. However, she also uses other toys to make herself cum, such as an Hitachi Magic Wand set to max and jammed up against her clit.

Tack on a set of gigantic juggs that you'd classify as "holy fuck, those are fucking huge!" and it becomes easy to fall for this chick and her incredible masturbation content. However, her site leaves quite a bit to be desired.

There are 41 movies and it looks like nothing new has been added in over three weeks. On top of this, they're all quite short and can only be streamed. I'd like to say they're incredible-quality streams, but all look average at best. All scenes come with images, but note that these ones are only screen caps.

That doesn't mean you don't get any real pics, though. There are 156 photo galleries that show more stripping, masturbation and even additional gun play. However, all of the images are low-res and don't always have the best lighting. You also can't save them, be it one at a time or in Zip files.

The design is simplistic and relies on tables to divvy up the content. On top of this, all of the porn is mixed together – vids and pics – and dumped on one page after another. There is a link at the top of the first page that will take you to the "members videos only" but once there, you can only go page-by-page using the "next" links. There is no other way to search or filter or browse the collection.

There have been numerous promises of an upcoming webcam session with the lusty, busty Francesca, but it hasn't arrived yet, so you actually don't have any bonuses. There's a tab marked "forum," but it links to an empty page. Francescas Fantasies are a major thrill, but her site is definitely not. However, it is quite original and fans of gun play might want to take advantage of its inexpensive membership.

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