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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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At first glance, Adult Comics Club appears to be a storehouse of archived material from about 35 comic sites. Plus, the themes are extensive, from manga to doujin to computer-generated content. I'll start my review by stating the three good things about this site.

First, unlike some toon sites, there is a bit of exclusive main content. Second, it isn't priced like a high-end toon site. Third, the site has grown enormously in the almost three years since we first reviewed it. In many ways, it has improved a lot over time.

AdultComicsClub does have its quirks. For example, the number of pages available for each section often includes more page numbers than there actually are and most of the nonexistent pages don't have any links to click. At any rate, there are 1,448 sets of medium-res images.

These include 1,044 adult comics, 27 manga comics and then the doujinshi section - shortened on the site to doujin - gives you 58 sets of manga fan art. Computer-generated artwork fills 248 sets. Finally, 71 exclusive sets of comics are drawn in a pop-art style. You can download each set in a handy Zip or RAR file.

There are also 142 anime vids to download. They come in several formats for downloading and streaming, like Windows Media, MKV (which is a less common file) and AVI. A few clips were less than four minutes long, but most are closer to the 30-minute mark or are even longer than that.

You have access to 35 full-access bonus sites with toon themes. However, it is implied on the site that at least some of the main content is sourced from these other sites. Despite that, just glancing at the names of some of them tells me that you can find some different content too.

They promise weekly updates on the tour, but then oddly they wrote that most updates happened more than a year ago, so I doubt that you can count on that schedule anymore. At any rate, Adult Comics Club is worth joining - it's competitively priced while still offering lots of content.

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