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Updated on: 05/15/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1437
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Since we last visited ExtraBigDicks...

  • Over 100 new videos were added along with nearly 70 more photo sets.
  • The site is now part of the Pride Studios network (before it was 1 Gay Pass) and got a bit of a design makeover in the process.

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My interest, among other things, was certainly piqued by the sitename Extra Big Dicks. I mean large cocks? What's not to like? They're definitely a challenge and I'm no chicken when it comes to cock. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the bad play on words.) At any rate, bigger doesn't always prove better and that used to be how I felt about this site. However, since my last visit the site changed networks and it now has a fresh new look.

ExtraBigDicks has about 987 videos that include around 466 (usually clothed) interviews and 491 scenes involving everything from jerking off to anal sex. In fact, the proportion of blowjobs and fucking versus solo and mutual masturbation has grown closer to an even split. There are also great interracial scenes and older guys in their 30s with younger hotties in their 20s.

Most of the scenes have been re-encoded into MP4 files that come in several sizes. As a result, most of the videos are in HD or even Full HD these days. You can save your favorites, post comments and leave a rating. The site also gives you some sorting options.

Previously I was skeptical of the measurements here. First, 8" to 8.5" qualifies as large in my humble experience, but I'm not sure it's "extra" big by gay-porn standards. That said, a few guys supposedly have 11-inchers, which is indisputably large no matter who you are. I've encountered one that size before and I can say that it was the one time I chickened out on being challenged.

Some of the pricks currently filling the 491 photo galleries blew me away, but a mix of written exaggeration and poor camerawork made some fall short of expectations. Others definitely delivered the inches of beef needed to make it grade A. I should mention that the sets contain a mix of vid caps and actual photos.

In addition to the good amount of big-cock videos, which get updated each week (photos aren't dated, but presumably they're added at the same time), you also get access to the entire Pride Studios network. You're looking at several more sites, including Circle Jerk Boys, Boyz Party and Men Over 30. All of them are just as good as this one. Extra Big Dicks continues to get bigger and better - literally!

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  • Comment by: Gautam

    Score: 100% Date: 01/01/2011

    i like huge big cocks with teen &tight pussy..........

  • Comment by: Sam

    Score: 99% Date: 03/12/2010

    It's a great site to see guys that ar that big not just the small guys like me i'm 8.5 and all the other stuff is like oh yay a small cock but his site it's like wowo someone bigger than me

  • Comment by: Fabio

    Score: 90% Date: 08/31/2008

    It would be nice to see some clear pics of cock anyway! Thanks