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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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It's no surprise that some of the hottest pornstars around call California home, but it's to be said that the Golden State's amateurs aren't half-bad either. In fact, California dreamin' almost always leads to California creamin' in my books. That's especially the case when it comes to a site like Cali Teens. If you put the emphasis on "almost," that is.

CaliTeens certainly has plenty of content, the chicks are gorgeous and the material is impressive. However, they took down the majority of their content when they transitioned to their current interface. What's been re-uploaded has had its quality improved upon, but there's no getting around the fact that you now only have about a quarter of the photo sets and there's also been a decrease in the number of vids.

The site currently offers 115 videos. They come in two HD formats, including Full HD Windows Media files. The other file is an MP4 that can be both streamed and downloaded. It should also be mentioned that they're a bit short. The longest one I saw was only 12 minutes long. I did appreciate that there is a wide variety of action. These amateurs aren't just into solo stuff, there are lesbian encounters and some hardcore action involving large cocks.

You also get 95 photo galleries. Some come with high-res images, but that's not the case for the majority. Make sure you click the link on top of the frames to see the full-sized versions. You can sit back and watch the galleries in a hands-free slideshow or download them in Zip files.

The new interface allows you to comment on and rate the scenes, save your favorites and search for similar content using keywords. Navigating the site is easy, but the design is a little awkward. There are seven thumbnails in a row, but the rows aren't always aligned. So as you scroll down, the thumbs start forming a big, awkward mosaic. To reach the older scenes, you need to make sure you scroll all the way down and wait a few moments. More will load, they just sometimes take a while.

There are 19 full-access bonus sites and they include San Diego Latinas, Insane Coeds, I Love Black Girls and Wave Hos. They bring you more exclusive porn and they're all part of the Unlimited Access Pass.

It's really too bad that they only re-encoded the older scenes instead of adding new material, but given the amount of currently available and how high in quality it is, it still seems worthwhile to get yourself a Cali Teens membership. You won't stick around indefinitely, but you'll at least have fun while you're here.

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