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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Sex on Hawaii is not what I expected it to be. I thought it would be a site with either an exotic location or at least with a chick named Hawaii. I was half right. The action does indeed take place on exotic islands, yet it also takes place in the fantastical world of comics. The site is well designed and navigating through these tales is simple.

Don't expect any animations on SexOnHawaii. This is strictly a comic site for the aficionado. There are also bonus sites when you become a member, like Evil Comics and Lust Comics, but just like on this site, there aren't no videos on those ones either. There are also over 45 non-toon bonus sites. There's an archive of downloadable DVDs, but it's all live-action porn as well.

There's not an abundance of island tales. There are 21 comic sets that you can sort by name, date or views. I noticed that the comics have recurring characters. In fact, the site offers one continuing adventure. Each set of pictures is like a new episode. There can be anywhere from 7 to 29 images per set and you can download them in Zip files. The comics are drawn well enough, despite each image being medium-res (864x618).

I liked the option of viewing the sex adventures in slideshows. There are five speed settings, but I found that even the medium was a bit too fast for me. The slowest speed offers ample time to read all the dialogue (although the first 15 chapters have none) and explore the drawings.

The drawings have a nice artistry and, unlike Japanese porn comics, these are much more realistic. For example, the breasts are a good size, but not overly huge. While the cocks are big, they are not as gigantic as I have seen on most hentai and manga sites.

One big negative is the fact that they are not being honest about their update schedule. By that I mean they have set things up so that their material will always look like it was added on the day you visit the website. So even though the comics you see might look new, they're actually the same ones that have been there for a long time now.

While Sex On Hawaii is unique in featuring what seems to be the work of one artist who is very talented, I can't say that the plotlines gave me enough excitement. The site didn't interest me quite as much as I had hoped and the lack of updates is a huge disappointment, especially if you are getting into the story and characters.

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