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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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World Gay reminds me of the early days on the Internet (and not just its dated design), before it was all commercial and constantly censored by the government. Sure, it took hours to download just one mediocre clip, but it was free, so you didn't care. Besides who wanted to walk down the block to the video store and then have to duck into that curtained backroom with all those creepy perverts.

Then, of course, there were the photos scanned from back issues of outdated porno magazines. You know, those naked centerfolds of hairy, greased-up men with the visible staples and folds through the middle of the page. I am exaggerating a bit about the vintage feel of WorldGay - this is the 21st century after all.

However, there is an undeniable classic vibe present in the 138 videos and the playback is below average in quality across the board. They all seem to come from the end of the last century. Seriously, we're talking loads of body hair, gold medallions and moustaches. There's sleazy, raw animal fucking in many of the scenes and some of them are bare backing.

The site really tries to emphasize the international flavor of the models and sometimes labels them according to their nationality. However, Americans don't look much different from Canadians, so you won't always get a lot of variety in the looks department. Still, you'll see ebony, Asian, Latin and Arab men, besides your North American and European white dudes.

There are 60 photo galleries split between 13 softcore sets and 47 hardcore ones. The quality of the res pics isn't great, but they have a retro feel that classic porn enthusiasts will like. They might have actually been scans from print media for all I know. There is really a mishmash of scenes. Curiously, there was a set entitled "interracial" that had both black and white men, but not together.

This site hasn't been updated in ages despite labeling some vids as "new" for a few years now. You get plenty of bonus sites, including the likes of Gay Cartoon, Boys Wedding and Studs Fun, and some have better-quality vids. There's also access to a DVD archive with 185 scenes that you can stream and download. All the same, World Gay is definitely a letdown and isn't worth joining.

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