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Rectal Rooter has had no new updates in ages, but it has completely changed its look by implementing an entirely new site design. However, this new design is not an improvement from the previous one. It might be slightly more appealing on the surface, but there is less content than there was before and they are poorer in quality. This type of porn with cheesy premises and bad acting has sort of gone out of style, so I guess this classic site has simply slipped between the cracks when it came to keeping up with the changing times.

RectalRooter is down to 29 videos, which is significantly lower compared to the last time we checked them. They range in regards to their video quality, but the movies only give you average-quality playback at the best of times. There used to be a half-dozen more episodes and on top of this there was also access to a DVD series of the same name. You do get access to a large archive of DVDs as an extra and, perhaps, you might actually still be able to find the DVDs with matching titles. All the same, you used to find some good-quality clips to download and those are definitely nowhere to be found.

I still like these campy flicks, though, where an average-looking fellow shows up in a pair of coveralls and a bandana tied on his head. He's got a goatee and that sort of shifty, blue collar gaze that soon reveals how crazed he is for anal sex with horny chicks. Obviously, this isn't the site's only scene setup, but it's one that I highly recommend you check out when you get a moment.

Some of the women look like housewives and others star that single gal who needs help with even the simplest of plumbing chores. Either way, he doesn't unplug their drains, but plugs their asses (and sometimes their pussies too) instead. That is certainly nice work, if you can get it.

There are no photo galleries to be found anywhere on the site. Instead, all you get are only vid caps and for some strange reason, there are actually 36 sets of them. In other words, seven episodes have vid caps and no videos, so they are really nothing but a waste of space. Some of the images aren't too small though, even if they are typically a bit blurry at times. At any rate, you should still get a basic idea of what the model in each scene tends to look like. Actually, in some cases, there is more than one babe to check out. This is because there are a few threesome scenes here and there.

The bonus section has changed to include 68 full-access bonus sites, such as Milk My Cock, Mommy Loves Cock, College Fuck Fest, Border Bangers, Euro Fuck Trip, Strip Clubs Exposed and Yank My Crank. Rectal Rooter is not worthwhile at this point, but its bonus sites still hold some appeal.

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