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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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As I typed Hencore into my address bar and clicked enter, I had no idea what to expect. My first thought was some kind of poultry-fetish site and, to be honest, given the nature of some of the stuff I have seen that wouldn't have surprised me much. However, there are no domesticated birds on this site. Rather, the hen is short for hentai.

Hencore is a good-looking site and is very colorful as well as easy to use. There is a convenient menu on the left-hand side of the screen that allows members to click their way though all the content, which consists mostly of pictures.

There is however, also a hentai video section in that side menu and within it you will find 15 movies. You can expect everything from a finger sliding into a pussy to a wet vag squirting out onto the floor to some rampant pussy pounding. These movies can be downloaded as clips in average-quality AVI files.

For pics, sections include artist's gallery, miscellaneous hentai, bonus hentai, comics archive and bonus artworks, combining to give you about 81 sets of hardcore comic sets. Some it is just individual frames that also include dialogue and such.

There used to be more main content, but you'll now notice (and this changed a while back) that most of the galleries open to another website, so this is now being counted as bonus content. Some scenes are more hardcore than others, but if you're at all familiar with hentai then you should pretty much know what to expect.

Other extras consist of a load of bonus sites, including about 25 marked as exclusive sites and over 50 as nonexclusive. These are all live-action sites though, so they won't add value to anyone only interested in toon porn. However, that isn't the end of the extras. There are also three hentai/manga sites. Some titles include Amazing Hentai World, Darkest Comics and Massive Anime.

If you are really looking for hentai and cartoon porn then Hencore isn't bad, although almost all the content is comics without many videos and nothing new is coming. This site used to be worth checking out, but as it stands now, it's mostly only worth it if you're interested in the bonuses.

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