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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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We no longer link to this site.

Now, here is a different and unique concept. Well, OK. Vibrators have been around for quite a long time, but Sybian World gives us girls riding dildo-laden fucking machines. The site claims that these girls are doing it for the first time, and hopefully to their first orgasm. The former part I can believe, but that any of these girls have never had an orgasm before cumming on this site is just a little bit beyond the limits of reality in my book.

Nevertheless, when you become a member of SybianWorld, you also instantly sign up with a variety of niche sites offered by George Picasso, including Butt Lounge, I Luv Handjobs, Just A BJ, Perfect D, Nmy Face, HerSweetHand and Her Sweet Feet.

Aside from the bonus sites and a forum where you can post your opinions, this site doesn't include any additional content. However, since we were last here, they added 13 galleries. The content quality is stellar with super high-res content (1074x1616).  One of the other changes is a complete revamp of the look of the site.

There's really not much to navigating here. The design is very plain, with two pages and 107 girls to choose from. Each of the girls comes with a movie that you can download in a series of clips, so there are 107 vids altogether. They're all amateurs, and you need only click on their profile pictures to link to their personal pages and their movies.

One thing that is strange, however, is the fact nearly 90 of the girls don't have a large thumbnail on their main page.  Rather, there is an empty space that says "photo coming soon."  However, since they stopped updating the site in November 2005 - only three months after we initially reviewed it - I doubt that the images will appear anytime soon.

All movie clips are available in great-looking QuickTime files. The length of videos varies, but you can expect an average of seven two to five-minute clips for a full length of around 10 minutes each. The fact that the girls don't usually have a full-length version is disappointing.

The girls are very attractive, and I loved the brief interviews with some of them before they mount the Sybian and ride off to a sometimes awesome orgasm. There is nothing hotter or more beautiful that a woman being pleasured to climax, especially in such a kinky way!

If you are into fucking machines, then I have definitely seen a lot more variety of machines on other sites. Sybian World, like the other sites in the network, is a different kind of site that appears to be very respectful toward the girls, and captures the sensuality of each of them, even among such an impersonal way to have an orgasm. It's not too expensive to joi, but I felt it was more of a novelty interest than anything else, especially since the updates aren't flowing like they used to.

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  • Comment by: Atillathepun

    Score: 15% Date: 12/13/2010

    Pros ... most of the girls are very pretty, and are not acting. What you see is largely genuine and the orgasms are real; this distinguishes the site from all the others.

    Cons ... it's now December 2010 and the last update was May. The site has many admin. problems that are never resolved; broken links, poor quality movies, repeats, you name it.

    Mr Picasso had a great idea and really doesn't know how to translate it into a reliable smooth service. $30 a month for seven months of no updates or new content? I don't think so.

  • Comment by: Jackie

    Score: 5% Date: 09/07/2009

    My boyfriend bought me Sybian in 2008's fall, and
    I only tried once, that's it. It is very unpleasant sitting on it; very hard wood with little padding. Basically it hurts my bottom when I sit on it, very uncomfortable... So, it is sitting in closet without no use.
    (He should have asked me before. Unfortunately I can't resell or give it back. Waste of 1400$)

  • Comment by: sybian lounge

    Score: 5% Date: 10/22/2008

    this site sucks waste of money they do not update the movies are not finished i saw one scene at another site te whole movie