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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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If you're like me, you figure that a site with "upper class" in the name is going to be some softcore artsy site, but we would both be dead wrong. At least if we're talking about Upper Class Video. It's as hardcore as anything with a trashier-sounding name and comes with a unique twist. Unfortunately, it probably won't come up with any more content, because the site hasn't updated since 2007.

However, let's look at the positive things first. UpperClassVideo looks great with pleasing graphics and a well-designed user interface. You will have no problem browsing around the site and discovering all the porn.

Now, about that twist. Have you ever been watching porn and said to yourself: "Wow, this is hot, but I wish I could see the action from another angle," but when the camera cuts you say, "I wish I could see it from the other angle again?" You won't have that problem here, because they split the screen into two parts and provide two simultaneous camera angles.

I thought it would just be a silly gimmick, but then I actually watched a couple scenes and it turned out to be pretty cool. Watching a nice close-up of some babe's pussy getting fucked is awesome when you can also see her face while she moans. Even better, the quality of the Windows Media downloads is excellent.

Each scene is divided into six clips. Some of the older scenes also have an option to download the entire scene in one file. Right now, there are 58 episodes available and like I mentioned earlier, they haven't added anything in years, so that's all you'll probably get.

In addition to the movies, each scene comes with screen grabs and a few of them come with super high-res images, for a total of 12 photo galleries. In fact, they are so large that my monitor couldn't accommodate the whole thing all at once. I had to use scroll bars to navigate the image.

There is no bonus content available, but Upperclass Video has a fun gimmick that is definitely worth a look. However, you'll probably only stick around for a month or two unless they start updating again.

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