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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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When I was told I would be reviewing a site called Gymrotic, I started to wonder if maybe it was a scripted site in which chicks sucked and fucked after workouts or maybe even in the gym itself. As soon as I hit the tour, though, I could see that this wasn't the case at all. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how wrong I was.

I have seen a few contortionist-themed sites in my time as a porn reviewer, but Gymrotic differs from them quite a bit. This isn't just a few gym-class splits followed by hardcore sex. In fact, I didn't spot any sex at all. Instead, the content shows you that rag dolls were clearly inspired by how flexible women can be. The action is softcore, but those bendy positions are way too hard for you or me to perform!

There are scenes in which the model literally wraps her legs around her own head, grabs her own ankles by leaning back and even hangs from a post after turning herself into a human pretzel. There's stripping and masturbation to look forward to in plenty of scenes and others just show the model in full-body spandex, latex or rubber suits.

The site is simple to navigate and looks pretty good, but it might be too simple for some. The entire site is one big updates page, searchable only by month. With new content arriving every eight days (it's random as to whether you get a new vid or gallery), this doesn't make it too difficult to find what you're looking for, but it can make things a bit tedious at times. It would be nice if there were some search parameters and if the vids and pics were separated, but this doesn't stop you from enjoying the content.

Going back to the updating for a second, although they are adding new content, the amount currently available isn't all that much more than when we were last here. In fact, our previous visit had less content than our first time reviewing the site, which tells us that they are sometimes removing older content as they add new stuff.

There are 59 movies and all are downloadable in either MP4 or Windows Media files. Regardless of the file type, though, all the videos are high-def and they all look equally impressive. There's no option to stream them, though. The 44 photo galleries are just as hot, featuring new positions, settings and attire (or lack of attire, depending on the set). Each gallery contains a decent number of photos and it looks like all of them are high-res, too. Unfortunately, you can't save any of them in Zip files.

There are no bonuses (the sites found at the bottom of the homepage all cost extra). I wish there was more content, but they are updating and Gymrotic does offer unique porn that's high in quality.

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