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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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I've taken part in some seriously messed up things over the years, plenty of which are definitely what you would call perverse. However, there was always some form of order to the experiences (someone's got to book the hotel, buy the toy lightsabers and open the umbrellas, after all), so I was curious as to what Perverted Chaos Mobile meant. Is it a horribly designed mobile site? Are people going crazy in the middle of having sex? Let's take a look.

It turns out that PervertedChaosMobile is a version of Perverted Chaos meant specifically for your portable devices. Like the desktop counterpart, the madness actually refers to how you have a huge mix of porn that focuses on fetishes. For example, there's panty sniffing, belly licking and riding inflatable objects like giant bananas. There are also blowjobs, handjobs, cumshots and splashing around in water.

Okay, so maybe "a huge mix" is a bit of an overstatement. While my fellow writer April Scott informed me that the desktop version is home to hundreds of vids, you will only find 21 movies here. They're all 3GP files that look good on your handhelds.

The dates imply that the site has been around since at least December 2010 and also that new content is added on a completely random basis. However, it seems to have picked up in the last few months, with an average of four new scenes in a 30-day period.

The site is sleek and easy to navigate, but be sure not to browse scenes just through the two pages found on the homepage. These merely include the 10 most recent. Instead, click on the "see all" tab and browse by movies, category or use the search bar. There are no photos, but each vid has a large thumbnail that gives you a hint of what you can expect.

Aside from that one hang up, both the navigation and design are quite nice and make finding everything a breeze, including the bonus sites. By being part of the Spankmo network, you get access to a great mix of gay and straight bonus sites. They include ones that are designed for your portable devices, such as Tiffany Preston Mobile, Buck Angel Mobile and Brutal Dildos Mobile.

While the porn is definitely perverse, there's not enough of it to call Perverted Chaos Mobile all that chaotic just yet. However, it should become a great mobile site once it grows some more.

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