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Updated on: 09/15/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1179
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  • Found more girls charging a lower $1.98 per-minute price.

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Im Live is one of the oldest live cam sites. And its interface had been pretty much the same since RabbitsReviews started. Well, 2014 was a big year for them, as they launched a completely new interface, with new functionalities and a long-overdue modern look - and since then they've gone in and tweeked the site even more, making it more modern and a little sleeker. Let me tell you all about it.

Let's start with the navigation. On the live cam page, you're presented with seven ways to browse the site. You can view the performers in a list, gallery or tile view. "List" is reminicent of their old look and is my least favorite. "Tile" is the look of choice for and a few other cam sites. But my preferred view is "gallery", because it's somewhere between the two. The layout is well-aligned and gives a bit more information on each performer than the tile view.

Then you have "multiview," which is a cool feature, allowing you to peak into six different live chat rooms, free or private. The private option will cost you three credits per minute. Another site to have done this is Flirt4Free, with their super-voyeur feature. The last three views offer you "hot spots" (couldn't figure out what this was, other than their selection of hot-at-the-moment chat hosts), "your list" (self-explanatory) and "party" (a list of participants for their weekly party).

While not all the girls let you see their stream for free, even if they're not in private, the first 20 seconds of each session are free. So feel free to use that to preview the show, although I didn't see a countdown timer while I was in private chat, so I guess you have to keep track of the 20 seconds yourself, which doesn't seem like the best way to do things.

The prices vary, but I randomly clicked on 15 cams and 12 of them were charging a very reasonable $1.98 credits/minute (based on the credit pricing it looks to be 1 credit = $1). And I was impressed with the stream quality. Most performers use HD cams, but even those that don't had great quality cams and some were even better than HD!

Another cool feature is this thing called "sheriff's office" where you can report any performer who didn't provide what was promised, was rude, etc. This is nice because on most cam sites these kind of complaints are a one-way street. Performers will ban and block you as soon as you say something rude, give a bad review, etc.

They also have what they call "happy hour" cams, where the price is much lower because the chat is not exclusive (group). To give everyone a chance to be the "controller" you wait in line (first come, first serve it seems) to be able to chat with the performer and tell her what you want her to do.

Members also get access to over 29,000 short video promos and more than 46,000 recorded shows. The recorded shows cost credits, though, and the quality isn't very good. There are also over 1,000,000 galleries of the performers that are in their own section and easily accessible. These are a combination of profile pics and shots pulled from the webcam shows. You have the option of recording every cam session you're paying for and watching them later for free, but the quality is fairly bad.

Probably one of the best things about the site is that you can use it with your mobile devices (iPhone/iPad included). Use the same login and enjoy one of the few cam sites that works without Flash (for iPhones). The functionalities are much more limited due to size of the screen, but you can still enjoy your favorite performers.

Unfortunately, the first 20 seconds are NOT free on mobiles - you're being charged right away and some of the cam qualities and speeds are just not good enough for viewing on mobile devices. I suggest trying babes in the free chat first to make sure. Text chat on mobiles is a bit awkward and the site in general is not the most stable, but it still beats a lot of the competition that doesn't have an iPhone solution at all.

As far as the amount of cams, categories and performers, the site is quite impressive. Signing up is free, so you can check it out for yourself before making any decisions on buying time. While we hesitated recommending the site in the past due to its limited innovations, that changed with the facelift last year. If you haven't been here in a while, now's the time to give Im Live another try.

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  • Comment by: robotsrebellion

    Score: 85% Date: 10/09/2015

    you should be able to exchange the house of games credits for normal credits,other wise good communication between ilive and customers regarding email ,dont understand why giving of personal info by hosts is prohibited,is it not there choice.

  • Comment by: Host

    Score: 100% Date: 08/24/2014

    I have to agree hosts should not be posting reviews meant for members . but as a host at imlive I feel the need to make it very clear to members who have read the other reviews about this site by hosts .Imlive covers the chargebacks , unless the chargebacks reach over 1. 3rd of her entire paycheck. Due to Hosts knowingly receiving men on stolen credit cards , and or members using them repeatedly. most cam sites operate this was to cut back fraud .
    Dear members please note that hosts are well paid out ranging from 30% ,35% 85% and 100 % . as imlive hands out a lot of bonus credit to members . so when you buy 50 credits the site gives you 50 credits & always giving the member free House of Games credits to view hosts absolutely free .all of us of course earn the lowest percent on bonus credits 30% . but hey those bonus credits can keep you playing longer and us host still earning money from free credit given out . that's more the fair to the host .
    members who worried about 70% of there money and tips going to the site . the site dose not keep it . in turn uses a huge percent of it to flip back out to the members in these double credit deals I just explained above .which then gets spent on the girls .
    all sites need to make a percent to keep site operational .
    my favorite part about hosting at imlive is the members . I have an option of lowering my price per minute to my loyal fans . I also have the option to offer a discount code to members to give a discount on my price per minute . established members can join discount clubs . mine is a huge hit due to the fact I charge 3.80 a minute . but 3.80 a minute is not bad for the service I provide . fast HD cam quality , no stalling , attentive to a members desires & audio sound . on occasion offer free phone sex during a private session . when a member understand double credit deals . he is actually getting 100 in credit when he buys 50 . so it all evens out for the member and host .

  • Comment by: SAM

    Score: 100% Date: 03/31/2014

    Comment by: NATHAN - Score: 70/100 - Date: 3/11/2013
    Chat host should not be allowed to write reviews. Too biased and it does not help actual paying customers to hear their viewpoint.

  • Comment by: NATHAN

    Score: 70% Date: 03/11/2013

    Chat host should not be allowed to write reviews. Too biased and it does not help actual paying customers to hear their viewpoint.

    Pros: Selection, video quality, search function, some rooms are a good value (I would never think of using a $3.80/minute and up room with so many more attractive models priced so much lower).

    Con: Customer service lacking, models writing their own reviews on sites like this.

  • Comment by: BaldBabe

    Score: 100% Date: 02/11/2013

    I'm a host (ok, and client as well...I have my guilty pleasures too!) on here, been so since the end of 2009 and I have to say it's the best one I've worked for so far. The customer service is prompt in helping to fix issues, especially once a glitch is reported. Billing is quite discreet and is in batches of credits so you can make sure you don't overspend from lack of judgement while enjoying yourself. The prices are reasonable, star ratings keep the awful ones from being able to raise their prices very high, newbie girls are at a very low rate, keep in mind that the girls only get a 30% commission while the rest goes to site upkeep, so when a really good cam girl is charging 5.80/min(max price) she only gets 1.74/min. Most of the best girls hang around at 3.80/minute to keep a balance between earning enough and not screwing you out of your cash.
    All the girls I know on there are amateurs (I'm sure there's probably a few pros somewhere), but for most of them this is their job and they appreciate being treated like the PEOPLE they are and not just sex machines. There is a free live video option that a lot of them take advantage of, and even if they don't, there is a free text chat where you get to view the girl's free gallery pictures to tempt and tease you while you get to know her or discuss what you want to see. As with any group of girls, you'll get a few bitches in the barrel, but if you roll with it you can find a gal that's accommodating of what you want as long as it doesn't break the site rules. (most of which are common sense for safety or legal reasons)
    All in all, I've been very happy as both a client and a host, I've only had a few issues and they were quickly addressed.

  • Comment by: uer of cam sites

    Score: 4% Date: 02/09/2013

    this site at first was great for me .the girls had pretty low prices and i was extreamly happy with the video softwear and streamming .Then this past year changed .I have exsperienced several tech issues that dropped my cam sessions just when things were getting hot . imlive costomer service always say to clear your history and cookies try . kinda annoying when it happens in the middel of a session . to do all that and then remain in the mood to return to a video chat session.they also say changing browsers from day to day helps solve there tecj issues . total pain in the ass .also noticed the American hosts as well Canadain hosts have raised there prices .due to the site taking even more percent cuts from the girls .I was kinda upset to learn that 70% of my tips to a girl for a great session was going to the site .When this site first opened I remember at lest 50% of my tips and money spent was going to the girl . I feel imlive was a fantasitc site but lately has become a drag . There tech issues are becomming more often . The plus side is that once you become an astablished member and buy credit Imlive will double it for you. Then down side is to be able to give you 100 in credit for only buying 50 us dollars in credit ,Is the site has taken yet more percents from the girls earnings .I find lately theres a bunch of girls working this site from countries were there is no other work and most of the great girls from USa and canada and UK have left the site for a better oprtion .

  • Comment by: Guest

    Score: 75% Date: 12/01/2012

    Very good site. Good selection of models in all ethnic categories. Easy search function. You buy credits before entering live shows so you know exactly what you're spending. Option to extend the show with one click. Downside is customer service is not great. You can record shows once in private but are required to pay to re-watch? Why pay to watch something you already paid for? Some models have good selection of photos and some have recorded shows available for viewing. Would not bother with recorded shows as they run close to $5 a minute. And I don't understand why some of the site models come to a site like this and complain about their payouts or whatever. No one here cares. This is a site for potential customers to come to so they can decide if they want to try a site or not. Boo hoo if you have problems working on the site. Find another job if it's such a hassle.

  • Comment by: AmericanCamgirl

    Score: 75% Date: 09/23/2012

    I'm a host on the site and have been there for 2 years, only recently working on there 4-5 days a week whereas before it was very infrequent. As a US camgirl I make WAY more simply because I actually talk to the customers and have an HD cam. For me, this is awesome and I charge more because of it. Some give me crap about it but I only get 30% of my payout. It's one of the lowest paying sites however my regulars appreciate me being there and it pays the bills.

    The thing that gets to me is I am in the Fetish/BDSM category and appear to be one of 3-4 girls who even knows what BDSM means. I end up having to may a pretty exclamatory profile for guys to hopefully see before they give up on looking for someone who understands their fetish.

    I am happy that I am able to give great shows to viewers however I wish that my efforts were acknowledged by a higher pay out or some sort of bonus. I have to charge the viewer more to make ends meet and that sucks. If I were given a percentage raise or something similar, I wouldn't be 3.80/min. So, if a good camgirl charges that, know she is only getting a small percentage.

    The review by BlueBunny seems completely unrealistic. I have NEVER had an admin enter my camroom...ever. This may have been something with a cam studio. ImLive admin has never interrupted my shows and there are no harsh rules...just a crappy payout percentage. I have no idea what this person is even talking about.

  • Comment by: Webcamfan

    Score: 85% Date: 06/29/2012

    I actually found this site through a subsidiary. I'm not sure of the terminology but ImLive are the main site, but they also run several affiliate sites with different names. The one I found is called WebCamKing and I love it. ImLive seem to own and operate WCK completely. The girls have registered with ImLive and get paid by them, when they log on to I'mLive the feed also appears on WCK and you can choose which site to watch them through.

    WebCamKing lacks many of the frills and complications of other sites - no member's loyalty clubs, no happy hour, no tips and so forth. However they are cheap. You get 50% extra credits with every purchase - £25 gets you 37.5 credits. In fact it gets you more as the site lists prices in pounds, but actually bills you in dollars - those 37.5 credits actually cost about £17.

    The same categories of performer exist, girl, couple, tranny, fetish. New performers bill at $0.98 per minute then after a period can change their price, $1.98 and $2.80 are standard prices though some models charge much more. There is free video chat if a model elects to use it, this allows you to 'try before you buy'. I have found that if you're polite and open about what you're looking for then you can easily find a model to suit your tastes

  • Comment by: NS

    Score: 100% Date: 02/23/2012

    This is in regards to their customer service. I had gotten a transaction notice from my bank and in figuring out where these occurred I discovered that someone had stolen my credit card and information and used it to purchase imlive credits. I immediately contacted imlive and reported the the fraudulent charges. Luck ally none of the credits had been spent so within 4 hours of my initial report to them they had refunded my purchase.

    Great customer support if you have a problem with fraudulent charges!

  • Comment by: BlueBunny

    Score: 1% Date: 01/19/2012

    That site is a ripoff. They steal from their hosts, they interrupt their sessions to ask them all sorts of stupid stuff while you are still there and you can read everything, they actually tell them to block you while they are chatting with you, the texting sometimes stuck and if you don't have the headphones on, you can't communicate with the hosts, hosts are threatened and bullied by their admins all the time, while you are with them in free chat, they seem to treat them worse than sex slaves in a 3rd world country, as a result hosts are bored and sad. They don't give you any refunds if you decide to stop using their services. A 1.8 USD/min is a lot of money to be treated like rubbish. I had a gorgeous new model between favorites there, some admin starts to harass her in the middle of a free chat, I was preparing to go pvt, eventually they tell her she is not needed and if she doesn't agree to their abusive rules, they kick her out; they used much ruder language, threatening they will give her a big fine. She decided to walk away on them. I was pretty disgruntled by all this and I wanted to go away too, but when I asked a refund, they told me that was impossible, take it or leave it. When I answered saying this was quite unacceptable, they blocked my account. If this is a site to put my credit card details on, sorry, but I don't think so.

  • Comment by: imlive long time member

    Score: 86% Date: 10/14/2011

    This site use to be great , and so many of the models have switched to the great hd webcams .the only proublem is the site now has so many tech issues .Getting dissconnected from hosts rooms or not being able to connect at all on some days .I am more the sure its a site proublem in the video softwear .As all my favorit girls are also complainng about the tech issues .Not possible so many girls on site would all have the same tech proublem,Specially sence a lot of these girls I have been seein for years .The site has gone down hill.Its a shame as they offer the best free credit deals to members of all the sites on the net ,My long time favorite girls are there .I sure hope imlive gets there tech issues sorted out soon.

  • Comment by: mrx

    Score: 99% Date: 07/25/2011

    Have been a member for a couple of months with no problems. Do your homework and chat with the girls first (its free) like any site some cams and girls are good and some aren't worth a crap.

  • Comment by: host

    Score: N/A Date: 06/26/2011

    pros of site ,hosts can interact with other hosts .
    cons ,hosts are only paid 30% and they usually have a high amount of charge backs .taking money back from hosts .they do not protect hosts from rude and abusive members or free guests in the free video viewing area .Host can not block bad visitors

  • Comment by: Edw

    Score: N/A Date: 05/15/2011

    is a site that is not stealing from the studios honest, closed accounts to keep the money, it's a slow platform does not have good video quality and their models are indifferent

  • Comment by: brian

    Score: 98% Date: 03/01/2011

    i thought it was awesome and most of the girls are gorgeous.

    i asked one to do anal and she politely said no not into that - and that was ok.

    they are very nice and want to please. it's not cheap but worth it.

  • Comment by: Member of imlive

    Score: 100% Date: 02/02/2011

    Hey you guys must think that just because a girl is on cam she should be a sex robot .I love the girls at Imlive I think mostly if a costomer treats a girl with respect she will be more then happy to share her goods with you when you want it .I seen plenty of girls give me nudity from the start of a session at ImLive.They are human and like to be treated with some respect.Not as a sex robot.As for there cam quality .They have free video previewing to check out a girls cam before entering privet with her.As all things on the internet do have glitches an errors when i lost credits due to this one time the host and costomer services credited back my account in less then 24 hours .I think lots of these reviews that are bad on this site are from guys that treat the ladies like some object at there command instead of human with feelings.Imlive offers super great deal every time you buy credit they give you free credit.They also recently won the AVN award for best camsite.So before you knock it maybe approach it with a diffrent frame of mind other then what you can get for cheap and fast .Theres plenty on the site for every guys taste.Browse the free rooms to find it .Its worth it .

  • Comment by: imlive Xmember

    Score: N/A Date: 11/18/2010

    this site is a ripoff there models are not that hot...well to a men any naked women is hot..but there the girls dont give u what u want & then they charge u so much...& 99% of there "hd"cam models have very bad cams & comparing to other site ive been into imlive have the worst hosts that dont give u what u want & try to wast time in pvt & in free chat they dont know how to make a man hot for them all they say is pvt ...anyway as they said b4 this is a rip off the take ur credits even if u changed ur mind..lets say u wanted to go pvt & ur phone rang after u click go private & u canceled by stop or go back or anything they take ur credits...there is a wating period b4 u go pvt with some models that ur paying for withough even getting any show..they take there time undressing so by the time the show started uve lost all ur credits so...its a very bad never going back there

  • Comment by: wairefikon

    Score: N/A Date: 11/10/2010

    imlive containe some few hot girls ....99% of its hosts are rude & very unloveble...& its so expencive & its a rip off site...they took my credits & didnt get any minute of private chat & plus when i contact the customer service they reply by add more credits & send a photo of ur id....thats a huge rip i dont recomand anyone to join there...i know im never coming back there hope u all will b smart enough not to get fooled like there is about 100 site better then imlive...well any site is better in my opeinion

  • Comment by: BUCHA

    Score: 1% Date: 11/04/2010

    TWO WORDS rip off!!!!!!

  • Comment by: Rob

    Score: 10% Date: 11/09/2009

    This site is a rip off. As mentioned earlier UK members are now charged £1 per credit instead of $1, a rise of some 60%. The credits charged by some hosts are very high too (2.8 credits per min in non adult chat, which is £2.80 or $4.40 per minute!). There are some great hosts on the site but they are also available on other sites for about half the cost, so really there is no reason at all to visit this site.

  • Comment by: imlive paying member

    Score: 100% Date: 04/28/2009

    I really like imlive .The thing I like most about is the girl at any time . can put you in a privet cam session with her.I visited a site camcontacts and was dissapointed the girl dose not have option to put you in privet session with her .You as a costomer have to pay extra for that .I also love Imlive cam quality .whoever said thay have bad cam quality must not visit the site .I love many of the 4 star host there as well 5 star hosts.You can free text chat with them first to get an idea what they like to do .Many american girls there unlike other sites loaded with europeans.You might have to serch for a while to get an American but there are more Americans there then any other site I have visited.I was in video with a girl named LovelyWife2Play and she called me for free phone sex during are privet session. I met her while she was in free video .Yep free video .She goes in there a lot to give guys a free peek and tease of her video sessions.Her and lots of girls do .It showed she and the other girls cam quality was great .I signed up that day for a pay session .I was so impressed wih all the ladies there .I recommend this site to all who want a great time.Rabbits review says there are no pic sets or high res pics thats not true .Most girls have 100 pics to look at plus free videos and a copy of there live sessions to watch.Not only did i see high quality pics there but the cams girls use for live shows was of high quality digital camras

  • Comment by: Wallyford

    Score: 95% Date: 04/15/2009

    I agree with much of what the reviewer, but the review is nearly five years old and the quality of the cams has improved dramatically since that time. Time for a new review?

  • Comment by: imlive costomer

    Score: 100% Date: 04/08/2009

    I love this site .There are several American girls there performing as well as Asians And Europeans.The cam quality depends on what type of cam the girl is using.Most i have seen use high quality cams .Not basic web cams .The sound is encluded in the video show and many girls will also offer phone with there privet video session no extra charge.There is free promo videos of the girls and many photos you can look at without having to buy them.You buy blocks of time so your not running up a bill.When i asked a girl how she felt about only making 30% her reply was .Its ok imlive has the bst traffic to make up for making such a low percent.Most all the girls i talk to there seem to like it a lot .A happy host makes for a happy costomer .I recommend visiting Imlive

  • Comment by: Kayla_CD

    Score: 80% Date: 11/02/2008

    I really like this site, but I've never been on the performer side like some of the reviewers. I particularly like the huge amount of transgendered content. But it can be pricy and choppy at times.