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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Guy 2 Gay sounds like what a straight dude would say over a walky-talky to a gay brother-in-arms. I can just imagine the whole conversation unfolding something like this, with crackling and pops as the connection is made over the airwaves.

"This is Guy, are you there Gay? I repeat, are you there Gay? Over."

"Yes, Guy, I'm here. I've been checking out the content on Guy2Gay and it inspired a plan. I'll actually be approaching your location shortly. I'll be coming up from behind soon. Do you copy?"

"Roger, I copy that, Gay, and I hear that they've got only 58 vids that haven't been updated since 2010 despite them changing the posting dates. I'll be in position awaiting your arrival. It's going to be a tight fit, though, so you might want to bring lots of lube."

"Roger that, Guy, they've just got average-quality playback and they come with only vid caps. Still, they inspired me all the same and I'm on my way. I've got my pole all greased up and have loads of extra lube on hand for your foxy hole."

"Wow, Gay, I wasn't expecting you to penetrate my flanks so quickly and so deeply. Still, your cock up my ass feels incredible. Watch out, though! My dick is about ready to blow any second and your face might end up being collateral damage."

"I copy that. Damn, it's too late, my eye is burning now! It's all right, though, I'm recovering and you better make a hasty retreat as I'm about to shoot all over your chest. Don't want your girl back home to see your hair covered in dry jizz, now do we?"

"Phew, Gay, that was close, but I made it out of the way in time. See you next week, buddy. Over, but not quite out of the closet yet."

"See you soon, buddy, because Guy 2 Gay simply isn't good enough to get me off the way that you would. On top of that the bonuses aren't any help because they only have straight porn to add to the mix. Plus, I'd have to pay a higher than average price to stay a member."

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