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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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"Welcome Nut Sluts! We Own Your Balls!" Those were the two statements that greeted me upon entering Ballbusting Girls Workout. Oh man, I was in for a wild ride. I don't have a penis (being female and all), but even I cringe when I see a chick kick or bite a guy's nutsack. When my gynecologist releases the spring-loaded mechanism on the speculum that is inserted in my hoo-ha, I jump about a mile off the examining table and she's not even giving it any oomph, so I can't imagine having someone take a mouthful of my junk and bite down.

The design of BallbustingGirlsWorkout is theme appropriate. That banner is wrapped around a woman's curled fist and you can rate the content by selecting how many "pow!" icons you think it deserves. Many sites just use plain, old radial buttons, but not these aggressive gals! The latest updates are posted on the main members' area homepage, but they're not so current. These babes haven't busted any balls since January 2010, or at least they haven't done it on camera.

If you're the type who likes to really see the action, there is tons of biting, punching, kicking and smacking of nads, but if you prefer to use your imagination, you can check out some of Goddess Ashton's vids. She talks directly into the camera and uses a large book, a knife and a tennis ball to simulate what she would do to your balls if you were there.

There are 132 movies that you can stream on a small embedded player or save in two qualities of Windows Media files. The one marked "high" is going to give you good-quality playback. There are only 10 photo sets and this section has remained untouched since the end of 2009. And since updating has ceased, you're probably wondering what else there is to have a look at.

There is one erotic story and there are some "sounds" to download. They have titles like "girls ready for ball busting" and "castration threats," so those are probably quite thrilling for ballbusting fans. There is a bonus section, but it's empty and I doubt it's going to be filled any time soon.

Ballbusting Girls Workout has some great scenes of babes breaking a sweat (and dudes too as they wince and grab their bruised genitals), but if you've taken a look at the price, you might be clutching your wallet in pain. This site is on the pricier side, so take that into account along with the lack of updates when deciding if it's worth it for you.

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