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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
Number of Reviews: 439
Average Score: 63

Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner

Whether you've always been a fan of big, soft tits or if you've just stumbled onto this review, chances are very high that you will become an instant fan of the DDF Network. It's a mega-site that gives you access to 13 of the best sites on the Internet. That's not an exaggeration, either. Don't just take my word for it, though. Read on to take a look at what you get.

You can start browsing the entire network the second you sign in, with the collection presented on hundreds of pages and the most recent scenes staring you right in the face (though you can sort them in both descending and ascending order). You can visit all the sites individually or browse the entire collection, which is where I noticed an issue with the navigation.

You see, folks, you can only jump back and forth by a couple pages at a time. And, yes, you can jump right to the last page in the collection, but that still leaves hundreds of middle pages that you will have to do a lot of clicking to get to.

Adding all the material together gets you about 11,800 movies and 12,000 photo galleries. I say "about" because while most of the network's 12,780 scenes come with both vids and pics, some come with just one or the other (there's an icon on the thumbnail indicating which it is). On top of this, the scenes are dated, which tells me that they aren't just adding one new scene daily, but more like three to five. There will be tons of them to save to your favorites, comment on, sort and rate.

The content features lots of softcore posing and stripping, but you'll also come across a bunch of hardcore sex scenes, lesbian lovemaking and fetishes. The flicks come in a variety of formats and there are often HD vids to enjoy. Some of the movies are even in Full HD and those that are look fantastic. As for the photos, you will often be able to view high-res pics and all of the sets can be saved in Zip folders.

This network also doesn't skimp on variety. Cherry Jul is the official page of a Russian sweetheart who never shies away from getting it on with guys, gals and even two dudes at a time. With House Of Taboo you are getting BDSM, spanking and leather-fetish scenes.

Busty beauties let their hands do the walking and talking and their handjob skills will blow you away on Hands On Hardcore. Only Blowjob offers exactly what the name suggests. Dudes get taken to heaven by having their stiff dicks sucked on by some of the hottest babes around, sometimes from multiple chicks at the same time.

Don't miss DDF Busty either. It's where you can find the biggest, most natural juggs. The rest of their bodies are beautiful, too, but we doubt you'll be able to tear your gaze away from their incredibly big tits. And, finally, I will mention the great 1by Day, which updates almost every day. Half the content here can also be found on it, which means plenty of hardcore, softcore and lesbian sex to look forward to.

With so much material and most of it in very high quality formats, I pretty much demand, not just recommend, that you take a look at DDF Network right away. If you're not already a fan of hot Euro babes and big boobs, you soon will be!


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Thisrandom1

    Score: 10% Date: 03/13/2015

    I was on the site around 5 years ago at which time i would have given them an 80. lot's of good stuff. This time however i had the same issue asfasterbeemer. I tried to join using paygarden with a kmart pre-paid card. I got an error and was unable to login. My card was charged, it's now empty but I can't get in. I contacted them 3 times. Last time I finally got an automated response, but have heard nothing since. Their auto-response allows for a reply so I did, giving them one week to remediate the issue lest I come here to review. Here I am. No help. DDF said it's out of their hands.

  • Comment by: paris893

    Score: 1% Date: 03/07/2015

    Just joined, like the previous reviewer nothing downloads or streams for me either. What a joke. I contacted support and spoke to a nice person but she said she couldn't help any more after troubleshooting some steps. She said wait till Monday to talk to IT support? WTF? Happy to change my score once/if fixed.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/09/2015): Hello, Paris. I sent you an email. The issue with the previous commenter was related to software he was running. We can look into this issue and work to get it resolved.

  • Comment by: eric789z

    Score: 95% Date: 01/25/2015

    This website has all of the niches you could want! I am a big fan of DDF Busty myself. They have incredible European models and old favorites as well. Only small problem is that they infuse bare beet in ALL of their shoots and I am not a big fan of that. For example: you are watching a Leanne Crow video and the camera pans down to her feet for more than a few seconds (like 2 minutes!) even though you are interested in her gorgeous body! Thanks but no thanks!
    This site is great, I highly recommend it if you like Euro babes!

  • Comment by: Dopey690

    Score: 10% Date: 12/27/2014

    I just joined DDF Network and none of the videos will stream or download. I get an error on every video. I've been a member before and never had a problem. DDF better fix their site or they are going lose customers.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/29/2014): Hi, Dopey690. I sent you an email.

  • Comment by: FasterBeemer

    Score: 50% Date: 11/29/2014

    I have been a DDF customer once, and liked the contents, especially picture quality (both technical and artistic). However, I've been unsuccessfully trying to subscribe again to their site in the past few months, and tried again today. Once I've chosen a username, password, payment method and subscription package and on the subscription page, it crashes saying that the server at takes too long to answer. I've written to DDF support twice about this issue, and they don't seem to care at all.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/01/2014): Hello, FasterBeemer. I sent you an email.

  • Comment by: PornAddict8377

    Score: 80% Date: 10/22/2014

    I love the content. Tons of really great HQ movies and pics. One can really get lost in all the goodness. Unfortunately, the download times are terrible. I also signed up for the 24.99 Special, but have been rebilled 44.99 NOT the 29.99 that's advertised here. Very disappointing.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:10/23/2014): I sent you an email, PornAddict8377. We'll look into the issue.

  • Comment by: Review

    Score: 1% Date: 09/17/2014

    There is no discount- they're charging $45 for 30 days.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:09/18/2014): Thank you for the head's up, Review. We are working to get this issue resolved quickly.

  • Comment by: TangMo

    Score: 40% Date: 09/15/2014

    I signed up again after an absence of 3 years or so.
    Great looking girls/scenes and camera work etc.
    Images should be higher resolution I reckon.
    Downloads, especially movies hover around 50KB/sec and frequently crash when I using my IDM.
    I won't be subscribing again.

  • Comment by: mike

    Score: 1% Date: 09/09/2014

    see if can talk to them as to why i am getting failed error when trying to download or stream.
    never had this problem in past with ddf
    why now.
    have dff changed their network settings
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:09/09/2014): Hi, Mike. You didn't leave an email. Contact us and we'll look into the issue for you.

  • Comment by: Monty

    Score: 30% Date: 08/06/2014

    Stay away from DDF. When I signed up they tried to charge me $29.99 for another site. Fortunately I was able to dispute it. And they refunded me.
    I've signed up for DDF before on several occasions and as other users have mentioned, I have also noticed that the spam increases in my email account afterwards. But, honestly, it's porn. What do you expect?
    But even if you're Johnny On The Spot, and you never get fooled, and spam doesn't bother you, I'd still tell you to stay away from DDF. Their sites aren't very good.
    The image and video quality is marginal at best. The search functions are limited. There are some hot models but there are also a lot of plastic-looking girls, fake tits and artificial tans.
    If you're still reading this and saying to yourself, I never get conned, I don't mind spam, I like boob jobs and fake 'n bake tans and it doesn't really bother me that the photographer shoots from a couch and doesn't know how to focus, I just want to look at a lot of mediocre galleries and videos, then this could very well work out for you. Knock yourself out.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:08/07/2014): Thanks for the comment, Monty. We note in the Price section that there is one pre-checked cross sale on the credit card page.

  • Comment by: Fred

    Score: 5% Date: 07/03/2014

    Pro - A few good movies.

    Con - They will share your name and e-mail information with others and will try to hack into your e-mail.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:07/07/2014): Thanks for the comment, Fred. You didn't leave an email. This is a pretty serious charge and the first we're hearing of DDF Network sharing such information. Contact us if you have more information and we'll proceed accordingly.
    Update We spoke with DDF and here is their response: At DDF Network we do send out promotional Marketing and Retention emails, but if you are receiving emails that are not related to our Network or one of the sites within, please let us know and we will investigate. All of our Mailers are in-house, and we are currently implementing a new email system which will alow you to Opt-in or Out in the "My Profile" sector of the site. You can also also unsubscribe from emails at the bottom.

    These emails are not meant to be Spam, but to provide further discounts and services to customers who have initially expressed interest in our Content. We have never been in the practice of selling our email addresses as we worked hard for those members.

  • Comment by: only me

    Score: 55% Date: 07/01/2014

    Well this siteis a pretty good site for the money BUT!!! there are more and more soft core updates, and dont be fooled by the models list because many of them are only work softcore. eg joanna bliss 40 plus updates AND NONE are boy/girl ha ha!!! what a waste of space.
    Pro. cheap, good quality/size download options, reg updates/ some cracking lookers. Con. Too many models only softcore.
    Userscore about right 55. If all models H/c 85

  • Comment by: Oli

    Score: 95% Date: 06/26/2014

    Great site, got discounted price from another site and I feel as though I got a bargain.

    - great niche sites such as feet and bondage, also a little pissing if you like that
    - The hottest European pornstars
    - lots of great quality videos
    - access to Hairy Twatter
    - lots of daily updates(more that most sites)

    - videos before 2012 don't always work on mobile/ tablet
    - there's a few niches but I always want more, maybe I'm greedy
    - Hairy Twatter needs more updates and hotter girls

    If you join you won't be disappointed but will become an addict.

  • Comment by: Gopher

    Score: 40% Date: 06/13/2014

    I don't do videos. They're too slow and too linear. I like variety -- a lot of different gals in a slideshow. I can make my own stories by using my imagination. Movies are too linear.

    I don't like large site name tags in the corner. These are distractions. I remove them. I have the site name in the top folder. I don't need them on an image.

    Saying this and just looking at the sample images here at Rabbit's, I'm not gonna even join the trial. Those image tags in the corners are obtrusive and too difficult to get rid of. Any site that does this is narcissistic. Those large advertisements in the corners tell me it's going to be work, not fun.

    Nobody has said a thing about the photography on this site. Why? I'm buying photographs, not girls. How's the photography here? Is there a lot of zooming in and out in the picture sets? Is the camera held level? Are there reflections on TV screens in the background? Is the lighting good, fair, or flat? I don't see a single review of this site that mentions the photographers' skills. I fear that since the site has the large corner tags, it probably lacks decent photography which is common on porn sites. Too bad that the industry can't grow a brain and hire decent photographers.

    For the sole reason that those corner tags are so large, I knock off six out of ten stars. Yes, six. I'm don't need to be reminded where the photos come from. I don't need to have the reminder SHOUT at me. Large tags in the corners are a huge turn off and a lot of work to get rid of.

    By the description, the site sounds great. But by the sample images (always their best), those tags in the corner turn me off, not on.

    Oh well. Stupid is as stupid does. This site starts off stupidly with corner tags that are hideously large. It's my guess that the
    photography sucks too, like so many other porn sites that think we're easily satisfied. Their loss. But I'm buying images. I don't want large logos on them.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/16/2014): Thank you for comment, Gopher. Since the User Score runs out of 100, not 10, I bumped your score up to 40 from 4 so it's an accurate reflection of your intended score.

  • Comment by: spiralfire

    Score: 5% Date: 05/07/2014

    Just joined, started downloading a set from Eve Angel I've been wanting for months now and my download speed is... wow.. from my download manager it's around 4000 BITS per second, using firefox download it's currently around 3,9 KB/s. I couldn't even stream, it just stood there buffering. SERIOUSLY, WTF? If possible I'll change my score later, but if this speed continues like this I'll cancel with my CC company.

  • Comment by: Rick O

    Score: 85% Date: 04/21/2014

    I joined Euro girls on a 2-3 day trial basics it was ok for the price, After I joined a few other sites and was disappointed with content I thought lets try DDF network the 30 day price was right so I did I joined 4/18/2014 full use of site and when I check my bank statement to day 4/21/2014 the charged me for a full year at $114.99 not what I preselected on the main menu for membership I know I checked the 30 day box and unchecked the pre checked box for the other
    Well I called the number got a very nice lady who said I indeed bought a full year membership but I instead that I did not, and that I only wanted a 3o day trial membership for $14.99
    She made me rejoin the site again and when she saw that I had bought a 30 day trial she cancealed the full 1 year membership and also sent me a confirmation email while I waited on the phone
    She also told me it may take up to 10 days before it showed up on my bank statement site
    So my guess is either it's a scam fishing for guys who don't check there bank statements and your getting billed for a full year and you only selected a 30 day trail and see how many guys they can fuck
    Or they have a soft ware glitch with the type membership you would like to purchase
    It is a good site thou out of the others I have joined

  • Comment by: Slingerweer

    Score: 60% Date: 03/22/2014

    I have no idea what to expect from the site since I never subscribed however I intend to when they increase their inventory of fuck sites. From what I can tell there are far too many Lez and solo videos which is a mystery -- is anyone interested in this crap?! Give me the variations of fuck scenes of a 21 Sextury and a good one-off price, DL speeds for broadband, and updates without pandering with photos before I can dl a video. DDF is a good idea but it hasn't arrived yet and until it does, I'll continue to say, 'Just lookin'

  • Comment by: Frits Gorrendijk

    Score: 1% Date: 03/11/2014

    I paid for 12 hours of access to DDF Network, but after 7 hours I was denied access. This is fraud, a scandalous way to steal money from people. If you promise 12 hours of access then give 12 hours of access, and not 7. Customer service did NOT help at all and directed me to some other website, which did not help either. I will never spend money on this dubious website ever again.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/14/2014): We spoke with DDF and here is there response: "No idea why he didnt get 12, but if he were to send us feedback, we would definitely honor the time he paid for and give him some free days for his troubles, as well as be able to look deeper and see if there is a problem with that billing component. We didn't receive even one feedback from this customer."

  • Comment by: tlo

    Score: 25% Date: 03/10/2014

    Although DDF Network has a lot of promise, it seems they are removing all the "old" content, and by old I mean older than a year! So were you looking forward to checking Cherry Jul's site out? Well too fucking bad, you'll get a "stream not found" error every time you attempt to open a video. Even downloading doesn't work, "404 file not found".
    It's really aggravating; I purchased a membership because sites like Rabbit's Reviews raved about the extras that you'll receive upon joining, but it turns out to be a lie. If these were legitimate businesses, we could file for fraud, but instead this is the wild west of digital porn, and they can fuck us however they please.
    PROS: Great video quality on the new uploads, and the uploads seem to be fairly frequent.
    CONS: They're a bunch of fucking lying weasels who promise thousands of gigs of content then shaft you at the first opportune moment. Don't waste your time with this bullshit; life's too short my friends. I plan to cancel a week before my renewal date, because I anticipate that's how long it will take for these incompetent idiots to cancel my membership.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/11/2014): Hi, tlo. You didn't leave an email. To confirm, I visited Cherry's site and found that some streams work and there are a couple that don't. I have reached out to DDF about the issue and they are working now to fix it.
    Update: Response from DDF: "We take care of all of our members when they communicate with us. We had an issue with servers yesterday and some content was having issues, but that's been resolved. Its not an ongoing situation and we're not trying to rip anyone off. Thanks for your help!"

  • Comment by: Argoking98

    Score: 100% Date: 02/28/2014

    This site would be great due to the content that it creates. The reason I am giving it a 1 out of 100 is due to the fact that it offer no options for joining by debit card in the US, other than a service provider from the Netherlands. My company will not allow authorization of any transaction from the Netherlands. DDF Networks does not offer CCBILL as a transaction provider as claimed, which does work in the US. Very disappointing.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:02/28/2014): Hi, Argoking98. I sent you an email.
    Update: This is a follow-up from Argoking98: "I received feedback from DDF Network and they have assured me that they are working to correct the issue for debit card purchases from the US. The webmaster asked me to provide additional information to help them fix the problem, and I was very impressed that they quickly took care to satisfy my complaint and concern. I can feel comfortable in recommending DDF Network.

  • Comment by: ThePilsnerDude

    Score: 50% Date: 02/20/2014

    Pro: Content is ok considering a Price of 15USD for 30 days, but not amazing content or anything so Unique you want more than the 30 days.

    Cons: Very very long and difficult process when you want to CANCEL your membership - you have to enter so much information in 2-3 different steps and if you have misplaced your "welcome email" from the site you are in trouble.... too bad when other sites make this so easy.

  • Comment by: Paul

    Score: 70% Date: 02/18/2014

    Content is very good but be very very careful. I was given access to other sites I did not want and then cancelled the membership to these sites. A year later I noticed the site I did not want was still charging me for membership. When I contacted DDF Network they refused to provide a refund for the membership. I have emails confirming cancellation and transcripts with DDF Network where they refused to provide a refund. My bank told me I had to cancel my credit card and receive a new one. I was a repeat customer and will never be back. You were warned.

  • Comment by: swamp

    Score: 75% Date: 01/29/2014

    Great content but be very very careful when you sign up. The so-called $15 discount is accompanied by auto-renewal and subscription to additional sites if you do not un-check the small print boxes during signup. Tricky! I got nailed for $45 in the end. Too bad, I've returned to this site every few years and would have done so in the future but that's the last of my $ they will get. In the end they make less $ from me because of their tricks

  • Comment by: bercik

    Score: 100% Date: 01/25/2014

    Massive amounts of movies with lots of pictures

  • Comment by: EarlyBird

    Score: 97% Date: 01/22/2014

    DDF Network is a fantastic site.

    Let's start with the women. This is strictly a "No Skanks Allowed" porn network. The babes here are head-to-toe drop dead gorgeous! There are more enhanced breasts than I would like but, less than other megasites and a whole lot less tattooing than the American porn factories!
    The variety here is wonderful. There is everything from the METArtish Euro Teen Erotica to Hands on Hardcore's slamming away. You also can dip your toes into kink, lesbian, masturbation, big tits, and hairy babes. Every one of the sites is high quality.
    The search engine took me awhile to figure out (click Updates and Advanced Search from the main site) but, is much better than most.
    The emphasis here is on high quality video scenes that are long enough to be worthy of the term "scenes" so file sizes are large and that may account for some of the slow download speed complaints here. Personally, I'd rather wait for a good video than download a bunch of five minute clips. A suggestion: unless you're putting your vids on a huge high definition screen, the lower res downloads are more than adequate and take less download time. DDF's lower res videos are better than many high res downloads.

    On the minus side: I wish Hairy Twatter had more content and updated more often.
    Some of the scenes are poorly edited. An example: I've seen hardcore scenes where a babe still wearing a bra and hose is getting slammed doggy style...CUT...she's getting slammed missionary, totally nude. The same is true for some of the softcore vids: girl is reclining and teasing her breasts...CUT...she's standing and teasing her butt and legs. The best porn scenes should have a smooth flow from start to finish.

    Conclusion: DDF Network is the best porn site I've joined so far.

  • Comment by: Peter

    Score: 1% Date: 01/21/2014

    I was going to join but going by the comments it appears these guys are going to overcharge me.

  • Comment by: MDR

    Score: 59% Date: 12/05/2013

    I been a member for 15 days, and up until yesterday, was enjoying a pain free experience. I bought a membership at the discount price, so I'm less annoyed than if I had bought it at the regular price. If I paid full price and experienced what I have, I would be scoring it lower and not recommending anyone join.

    I am going to begin with the cons first. Since there seems to be more of them.

    Cons: Depending on the time of day you visit the site(s), downloads can be incredibly fast or incredibly slow. There doesn't seem to be a consistency there. They recycle old sets frequently. Several sets from from pre-2010 were rereleased in 2013 (not necessarily a bad thing, but they don't add to or enhance them, keeping the same file names and numbers, just seemingly moving the set forward date wise). I learned their system quick, by looking at the set number to know if it was new or not. I also noticed a pattern of two new sets, one old set, on the One By Day site.

    Problems started on the Euro Teen Erotica site, I had a chance to binge a bit yesterday, and was downloading a good amount. I noticed that several videos I had bookmarked were no longer downloadable. Videos I know were there less than an hour ago, were not. I have yet to hear back from support, but I am sure they limit access to them, because before and after screenshots showed videos not there, then several hours later, videos were there. Hearing back from tech support likely would not influence or change my rating, since I do believe they limit downloads when the site claims "unlimited downloads."

    Pros: They do have great sets, great videos (once you find favorite models and weed through the boring stuff), and they don't seem to limit the zip file downloads, which is a plus. Guaranteed frequent/daily updates of mostly new sets is another plus.

    I joined more interested in the photos, but some of the videos are hot, just that not being able to download them based on some arbitrary scale is bothersome.

  • Comment by: SleepingOne

    Score: 30% Date: 11/18/2013

    pro beautiful Women, great videos

    con: first month: great download speed 3 mbit+, the last weeks very very slow downloads up to 70kbs

  • Comment by: sdogg100

    Score: 11% Date: 10/18/2013

    Tried signing up for 1 month, but got charged for $119 full year. Have not heard back from them, so until proven otherwise, my opinion is that these guys are crooks, STAY AWAY!!!

  • Comment by: giuseppe

    Score: 90% Date: 10/02/2013

    pro: beautiful women, hi-res photo and video

    con: slow download and streaming. speeds can vary greatly.