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A.K. Anderson

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1396
Average Score: 65

I play basketball with a few guys who don't know what the word "pass" means. (I'm standing there with an open shot and they drive in against triple coverage and throw up an air ball, then bitch about getting fouled.) But enough of that. The point is that I'm sure all you loyal readers know what the word "pass" means when you see it in a sitename, right?

Yup, that's right. It almost always means you are about to enter a mega-site that is going to provide you access to not one, but a network of sites. And WTF Pass is no exception to that rule, folks. What we have here is access to 11 sites and all their content.

From party sites that have loads of gangbangs like College Fuck Parties to outdoor fucking on Public Sex Adventures and slippery massages that turn raunchy on HD Massage Porn, there is a good amount of variety. All the participants are Russian, but some speak in broken English. Either way, once the fucking starts, you'll have no trouble understanding what's going on.

Navigation is simple. You sign in and are faced with the latest updates. None of the material is dated, but they have added a little over 200 episodes since we checked in last year, so I'm thinking you'll get a few updates each week from most of the sites including the likes of Pickup Fuck, Dolls Porn and others.

All the sites combine to give you 1,453 episodes, each with a movie and a photo gallery. They don't skimp when it comes to quality as most movies offer a high-def MP4 and you can save Zip files filled with high-res pictures. You're also able to stream the movies and there are portable formats for Apple and Android devices. Also, many scenes are split up into parts. However, given that many of the scenes top 60 minutes, the parts are sometimes pretty long.

There are big preview thumbnails for each episode, so you'll know if you want to take a chance on a particular scene. You can browse a model index and the keyword tags will help you filter the content. It's also possible to just isolate the content from one website. An advanced search and a favorites section would be welcome additions, though.

The exclusivity score is on the low side because only three of the sites are 100% exclusive. Panda Fuck is one such site. Don't worry, you won't be seeing any disturbing imagery here, but instead a dude in a huge panda suit complete with a dildo gets to fuck really hot chicks. And they do it all over the place! It's also a bit funny when the panda squirts a load of fake cum all over the hottie.

This network has a good mix of high-quality porn and hot European honeys in hardcore action. If you like to mix if up with group sex, anal, voyeur porn and reality raunch and round all that out with a horny fellow dressed as a panda, I think you'll like what this network is providing. This one gets my recommendation.


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  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 95% Date: 12/22/2014

    I've neither encountered Download Limits nor Low speeds. I subscribed once a few years back, and the Site has come a long way since. There's a great variation in Sites (although Panda Fuck is a waste of space) and with most girls coming all natural - far more attractive and erotic than silicon boobs and gross tattoos. My only quibble being that there should be a few more hairy pussies. All in all, it's highly recommended. A fresh and refreshing change from the U.S. Porn sites where most over glossed girls just report for another day at the office.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 40% Date: 12/14/2014

    Ripoff. Site has download limiter that cuts you off once you download more than a couple movies.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/15/2014): Hello. I sent you an email. Are you referring to the trial membership? Because that does have limits on it. Nonetheless, our review is due for an update. We'll review all of the information and make changes where appropriate.

  • Comment by: ddxxx

    Score: 85% Date: 11/10/2014

    I love the content of this site. Beautiful girls (I believe that usually Russian), some really cool group sex. All in all: fun! :)

    Some scenes are divided into couple parts, which gives the illusion of more action packed site, but I'm not complaining - I do love what I get for my money :).

    Many people here claim that there is a very slow download. My download speed was between 4 and 5 MB per second, so... very decent. Having said that - I do use third party software - a download manager, that makes my downloading life much easier :).

  • Comment by: el__fuego

    Score: 80% Date: 10/15/2014

    How to unsubscribe this site?
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:10/20/2014): Hi, el fuego. You didn't leave an email. There are a couple of ways to cancel, but the quickest way would be to visit the customer service site of the biller you joined through, locate your account and cancel through them.

  • Comment by: dr. longfinger

    Score: 10% Date: 02/17/2014

    Extremely slow (less than 100KB/sec download. Downloads time out and fail and need to be restarted from the beginning. Max simultaneous downloads is advertised as 5 ... but typically get only 1 or 2 simultaneous. Email tickets to support DO get a response - but that response is worthless. Spent two weeks in email/ticket exchange... then finally demanded a refund. Looks like they have decent content - as frustrating as looking in the window of a candy store that is closed.

  • Comment by: scooter

    Score: 5% Date: 01/26/2014

    It has some decent content, but the download speed makes it almost worthless. Download speed is so bad they wont even finish downloading, and my other sites download very fast.

  • Comment by: NudeFan

    Score: 25% Date: 01/07/2014

    The content of this page is - as far as I saw until now - great. But: the download speed is terrible: I'm waiting actually for more than an hour to watch finally a 70 min 1280p video. My internet connection is used by less than 10% of it's maximum capacity. Multiple downloads do not work or additionally slow down the speed! So: It's a real page to get pissed off!

  • Comment by: divr

    Score: 40% Date: 12/04/2011

    The College Fuck Parties has a good number of vids. It was formally known as Student Sex Parties. Although the other 6 sites has a very limited offering.

    I have to totally disagree with the Rabbit review considering it being worth checking out. Looking at what I have mentioned and then the fact that Rabbit gave it a 67 score, it just doesnt come up to the standards for checking out. To see that Rabbit has an abundance of sites with scores in the 80's & 90's, it doesnt meet the criteria to "check out". And on top of all that, the $34.95 kills the deal.