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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Once upon a time there was a town of horny porn lovers and the residents would spend their days watching porn. While most would do so in their homes, they still needed to go out sometimes to buy food, go to work or buy more lube. And that's where their mobile devices came into play. However, watching all that porn meant that one day it finally happened – they ran out of smut to look at. All at once the citizens flooded into the town square, nobody knowing what to do.

People were without porn for the first time in their lives. It was mayhem all around! They all needed a new site to look at, but no one knew how to find one. That's when they all turned to the smartest boy in town. He knew that the town's survival was at stake and agreed to find them a new site.

So he sat down, opened his laptop and asked for directions. That's when a man from the back yelled, "We want Japanese chicks. And not those Asian American girls. We want ones who actually speak Japanese. And it's okay if there aren't any subtitles. And, of course, no genital pixelation." Then a women called out, "Make sure the action is straight and ends with creampies, no facial cumshots!"

That was followed by another guy who said, "We want at least 156 videos and 156 photo sets, with new content being added to the collection twice a week. And we want the videos to be downloadable in at least one Full HD format. There should be a streaming option as well." Finally the town's oldest man chimed in, "Make sure there are bonus videos, about 300 of them, covering more Japanese women in other niches like mature and teens." And with that the town went back into their homes to wait.

After a while the boy still hadn't found anything, but he was feeling lonely, so he called out, "Porn site!" Within seconds the entire town surrounded him with huge smiles on their faces and lube in their hands, only to return to their homes disappointed when he admitted to having nothing to show them.

After more searching and still nothing, the boy once again was feeling sad and alone and yelled out, "Porn site!" This time about a third of the town didn't even come, but the rest arrived quickly with hope in their hearts (and pants) only to head back home sad, horny and angry. The third time the boy called out, it took about a minute, but less than half the town showed up.

After watching everyone walk home angry for a third time, the boy hit a few buttons and, to his surprise, Maiko Creampies appeared on his screen. He signed in and saw that the site met all the town's desires. He couldn't believe it. He had done it! He couldn't wait for everyone to see. He was going to be a hero. He yelled out "Porn site!" and waited.

A minute passed. Then two minutes, then five, then 10, then 20. No one came. Days passed and then weeks, months and years. Eventually the man passed away, his computer died and no one ever knew that he had found what the town wanted in MaikoCreampies.

Take that as a warning, folks. Don't be like the boy who cried, "Porn site!" If you know someone with similar desires to that of the town, just tell them that Maiko Creampies is worth joining and you can be the hero and live happily ever after.

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