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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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A sausage party is a term used to describe a gathering where the majority of the people are male. If the one thing about such parties that bothers you is the fact that there are females there at all, then let me welcome you to Sausage Party Mobile - where it is all sausage!

The content on SausagePartyMobile is set up as a male revue. The parties are attended by anywhere from 15 to over 50 men. One by one the guys come out and dance and tease and touch themselves and it doesn't take long for the men in the crowd to get their hands and mouths on the cocks put in front of them (many scenes end with multiple guys fucking as well). I'm not going to claim that these are unsuspecting partygoers, but the scenes do a good job of making it seem that way.

While things sound good up to this point, there are some issues that need be mentioned. The two most important are the amount of content and lack of updates. There are only 19 videos available and there aren't any photos to go along with them. Also, it has been years since the website last posted something new, so it appears to have stopped updating. Okay, now back to some good news.

While the amount of content isn't impressive, I was happy to see that the scenes tend to last about an hour. Also, they looked good streaming on the iPod Touch I used to check out the site. Another nice feature is that you have the ability to access the non-mobile version of the site (Sausage Party) with the same login, which I discovered after signing into the mobile site on my desktop.

This is great because it means that when you are at home you can enjoy the site on your big computer screen, but when you are out and about you can always whip out your smartphone and enjoy the party as long as you can get internet access.

The amount of content and the lack of updating really drop the score, unfortunately. However, at least they did a good job with what they have given us. And the length and quality of the scenes make Sausage Party Mobile possibly worth considering for a month.

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