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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Whether it's hospital staffing issues or a lack of health insurance, chances are you've had a bad medical experience in the past, like encountering doctors with poor bedside manners or getting proper treatment in general. Anna List, however, makes sure that none of that technical stuff gets in her way, instead using every treatment that she can in order to cure whatever is ailing you. And that goes triple for when the prognosis calls for being dominated.

AnnaList focuses almost exclusively on the medical fetish. Even when the action is focusing on rubber play and non-medical porn, it still has a hospital theme. For example, the content is divided into four sections: dental clinic, medical clinic, rubber clinic and operating. Plus, there's lots of material in the archive. And here I was thinking I had good health coverage!

There are 89 movies and most are available in full-length downloads. The scenes are generally pretty decent in regards to their runtimes and the quality is impressive. You can download each vid in HD Windows Media and MP4 files, with the option to play them on your mobile devices. You can expect to see new videos once a week (although only some of them are dated).

The pics aren't nearly as impressive, though, but that only has to do with the fact that there are a lot less of them. The 26 photo sets come in Zip folders and have high-res images. The amount varies from one set to the next. Like the movies you'll find everything from enemas to urethral sounds. There's also plenty of breath play, rubber and latex, and Mistress Anna is always wearing some kind of sexy British nurse's uniform.

There are also audio adventures and erotic stories. You may get a kick out of the model bios, too, as they're formatted to resemble patient files. There's also a links page, but the sites listed there cost extra.

Just like real hospitals, the cost for treatment is pretty high, whereas the dosage is a little on the low side. I prescribe giving Anna List a look if you love medical play and don't mind a high membership fee.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: nichty100

    Score: 95% Date: 12/19/2011

    Well I have to say it was a pleasure to come across the lady anna medical fetish site as it's of really high quality. She looks lovely in all her medical clothing,has the best equipment ive seen in any medical fetish website.As is knowledge about her craft.Is also very professional in her approach and how she treats her patients. I'd love to visit one day... nichty

  • Comment by: Gas Pups

    Score: 95% Date: 09/25/2011

    I disagree with a number of the points raised in this review.

    1.There are in fact more than 40 movies, not 11 +.

    2.The photographs are high resolution and are excellent quality. Some of the older photographs are smaller but the more recent ones are large.

    3.I'm not sure why this site has been categorized fetish and not femdom. Femdom is much more than someone shouting, dressed in leather waving a whip around. Sure there is a big fetish element to the site but Anna List is a Professional Dominatrix and anyone who properly understands Femdom will I am sure agree with me that this is pure female domination.

    4. Personally whilst agree the site is more expensive than the majority of other Femdom sites this is highly specialized unique material. I believe that Anna List gives value for money.

    In enjoy Anna List. The content is excellent quality and the material is fantastic.

  • Comment by: gasvalve

    Score: 100% Date: 09/21/2011

    What users of this site must keep in mind, is that it caters to a very niche market and is very new. As time goes by, content will increase and it also covers some more taboo aspects of this niche. I am a satisfied customer