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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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If you thought that the most fun you could have with balloons was making animals then you have definitely been missing out on the fun and sexiness that is a hot chick playing with balloons and, in the case of Balloon Popping, popping them as well.

Now, not every BalloonPopping scene actually features some popping, so if that is the only part of the balloon fetish that excites you, you will need to sift through the content to find those specific scenes. Thankfully, there is a little write-up with each video that generally mentions whether there is popping or just playing going on.

The content on the site has been growing over the last two years and as I write this there are 330 videos. In addition to the write-up, there is a thumbnail image that gives you a quick visual and makes it easier to decide which ones you want to check out. The video quality is generally excellent, although sometimes poor lighting takes the quality down a notch.

Unfortunately, there is no streaming option, so there is no way to check out the movie without downloading it. However, the photo section in made up of sets of vid caps. Although the vid caps are huge, they really are a little blurry and of the same quality you would expect from a screenshot.

The site is from the UK, so all the babes are of the sexy British kind. Although, there isn't always any speaking in the scenes, so sometimes their hot accents aren't part of it. There are, however, plenty of fun scenes with talking and joking and playful, sexy balloon fun.

There aren't any bonus sites, so if you decide to join it is going to be for the main balloon videos and that's it. However, there are daily updates, so there is always going to be some new Balloon Popping (or not popping) to check out. If you're into the fetish, the site is worth checking out. Plus, the monthly rebill is cheaper.

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