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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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If I told five people the name of a site was 3D Love Dolls and asked them what they thought the content entailed, I would probably get five different answers. So rather than give you all the various options, how about I just tell you what the site offers.

3DLoveDolls is a CGI animation site with computer-generated babes and sometimes guys to fuck them. The picture section is mostly solo-doll content as pretty realistic-looking CGI hotties show themselves off. The "animations" section is where you will find the hardcore action. There are currently 449 image sets. There aren't any high-res images or Zip downloads.

The 27 animation vids are rather short (generally 30 seconds to one minute) and show off some computer-generated hardcore fucking, sucking, masturbating, posing and spanking (all in separate videos of course). Overall, the physical animation is good. However, the scenes are short and there isn't always more than just one angle shown.

Also, the overlaid moaning noises were exactly the same for all three vids I watched whether it was some chick being banged by a dude or a swamp creature (as was the case in one of them). This was pretty funny, especially when the sounds didn't exactly match the action. The animations are all downloadable in good-quality Windows Media files. Some offer clips and a full-length option and others have just a full-length file.

The animations aren't dated, so I can't tell you how often they add new ones, but the picture sets do have dates and they are growing at a rate of about three times a week. Besides the main content there is also a small "friends" section with a few extra photo sets and sections of graphic novel type stories.

The most valuable extras, however, are the three bonus sites with names like Dirty 3D and Toon Boobies. As you can tell, there is some thematic consistency throughout the network for all you 3D toon lovers.

More animations would be nice (and who knows how often, if ever, they are adding new ones), but if you enjoy the emphasis on picture sets and appreciate the 3D extras then 3D Love Dolls could be something you'll want to check out.

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