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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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According to the tour, Adult Insider Magazine calls Bang Ride, "One of the wildest porn sites we've ever seen." I hate to burst their bubble, but have they ever seen the site that originally launched not only the trend of pickup-and-fuck sites, but also arguably the popularization of reality-style porn in general? There have been lots of pretenders who've tried the same formula without gaining the same success or notoriety.

I know that when it comes to pharmaceuticals, health insurance companies often claim that the generic version of a medication is just as good as the name brand. However, even if acetylsalicylic acid might work just as well as Aspirin, I'm not sure if BangRide measures up to the trailblazer from which it takes its inspiration. For one thing, nothing is exclusive, so the premise isn't the only unoriginal thing about it.

There are 27 videos and they bring you good-quality playback in full-length MP4 downloads. You can also stream the movies in an embedded player. There are no photos, so streaming is the only way to have a preview before downloading a scene.

If I were a girl offered a lift in a van whose backseats were replaced with a mattress and whose rear windows were covered in cardboard I might ask, "Hey, what kind of ride are you offering?" before getting in. Especially if I see there's a camera rolling and a trio of slightly shady-looking dudes in addition to the driver. I guess if my boyfriend forgot to pick me up, I might be pissed off enough to take that strange shuttle bus and think it was legit because it had a security cam in front.

They look to have upgraded their ride and now most of the movies feature an RV and not a beat-up old van. There are also girls in the RV sometimes - they sometimes join in on the fun and sometimes they just watch the gangbang from the couch. You also get access to lots of other Wank Pass sites, including Slutty Sitters.

As for the main content, there might be a few scenes listed as "coming soon," but since we've seen them all before and since the size of the collection is the same now as it was in 2011, it's safe to say that they're rotating the content instead of actually updating. So, in the end, Bang Ride is too short of a trip.

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