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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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A 911 Model won't be able to help you if your house is on fire, but these beautiful babes will definitely help you appreciate the fine art of erotic photography. Actually, they might be so successful at getting you to appreciate sexy pictures that you'll need to have the fire department hose you down just so you can cool off.

The first thing you should know about 911Model is that it's strictly a photo site. As such, there are no videos on it. That's too bad because it would be really nice to see some of the site's women in motion. Since that isn't an option, you have to settle for seeing these babes in beautiful pictures and that isn't such a bad compromise.

There are 80 sets of pictures in all and each one of them features a solo model who strips for your viewing pleasure. The chicks tend to end up fully nude by the end of their shoots and they make sure to let you get some great looks at their tight pussies along the way. Some of the gals even allow you the privilege of watching slide toys into their slits.

The photos are high-res and there's an average of about 200 pics per set. That means that you've got a whole lot of pretty pictures at your fingertips. Sadly, you might exhaust your fingers by trying to save all these photos because none of the sets can be downloaded in Zip files.

The work involved in downloading photo sets is unfortunate, but it's not even the worst thing about the website. That honor goes to the fact that there hasn't been anything added to the site since the summer of 2010. Given that the website has gone so long without updating, I wouldn’t hold out hope that there's more content on the way.

In terms of extras, there's a model index and that's about it. Some additional sites or other goodies would have added some much needed value to a membership, but you're stuck making do with the photo sets that I described above.

Just a note about pricing. It seems that the monthly fee is lower if you use the alternate billing processor, but it seems that this only holds true for certain cards. There is a 90-day membership option with the secondary biller as well.

Having spent some time on the website, I can say that 911 Model is just as frustrating as it is thrilling. You might enjoy looking through its pictures for a month or so, but with no videos, no extras and no recent updates, there isn't much to keep you around for longer than that.

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