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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I love a girl with some real curves. I like to imagine that a chick is hungry for a dick, not simply starving, because she's on some crazy crash diet. That's why I love the babe who's the star of Mobile GF Kissy, because she's got some meat on her bones and that gives me a meaty boner in my pants. I guess that it's good that at that point my phone won't be in my pocket, because there won't be room for both my throbbing my erection and my cell.

MobileGFKissy stopped updating and there are only 10 videos offered. I would say that they look mostly good, although some of them could probably be described as great looking. The content may not be exclusive, but you'll still feel like you're seeing a typical amateur website. I think that it's partly because the camerawork is far from slick even if it gets the job done.

In fact, sometimes Kissy seem to be filming herself while she plays with her boobs. Now, I'm going to be frank with you. Some girls are only slight teases, but actually then they display their pussies and proceed to masturbate. Then there are hotties like Kissy who really only get mildly naughty and never go further. She shows her tits and even rubs a dildo between them while she talks dirty to the camera, but that is as far as it goes.

Now loads of mobile sites forgo the pics, but Kissy's collection includes 11 photo galleries. I just love seeing this teen looking all cute in her pigtails and braces on her teeth as she plays with her bouncy fun bags. Like I said there's a limit to what she'll show you. But hey, I guess that if you're busy watching her while you're commuting on the subway or in your office's breakroom at lunch, it might seem like innocent fun when you get caught.

Joining costs about half of what many standard sites charge, although it's really just somewhere along the lines of what many competing mobile websites do. When you sign up, you'll notice that you get access to some other mobile sites. These include Mobile GF Nikki and Mobile GF Kelli, to name a couple. You can't access these through Kissy's site, though. You need to sign into each one separately with the same login info.

In the end, even if I love her cute playful version of sexiness, I'm afraid Mobile GF Kissy just doesn't offer enough to justify joining and that will never change at this point. Oh, and I should also mention that although it's a relatively minor issue, you can only navigate one page at a time, so I can't say I find that good.

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